Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Review: Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes

I've been using these makeup removing wipes for awhile now, ever since I stopped using my usual Epielle Face wipes. I used to LOVE those for the variety they had, the price, and how well they worked. But after awhile I felt like they just weren't doing the job like they used to :( So on a whim I decided to try out the Simple skin care brand since I'd seen a few commercials and ads and I was attracted to the all-natural and essentials-only philosophy.
Price: $4.97 from Walmart

What they say:
Our Cleansing Facial Wipes refresh and nourish your skin plus remove waterproof mascara. Our wipes contain a perfect blend of our purest possible skin loving ingredients with an added vitamin.

  • 1 ADDED VITAMIN: PRO-VITAMIN B5 known to help restore, soften and smooth
  • NON DRYING and NO GREASY residue
  • NO HARSH IRRITANTS to upset skin
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Ophthalmologist tested
  • Safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Noncomedogenic
  • 25 wipes
What's in it: Water (Aqua, Eau), Cetearyl Isononanoate, Panthenol, Glycerin, Glyceryl Stearate, Cetearyl Alcohol, Ceteareth-20, Ceteareth-12, Sodium Citrate, 2-Bromo-2-Nitropropane-1,3-Diol, Disodium EDTA, Phenoxyethanol, Methylparaben, Propylparaben

The good stuff:
  • Inexpensive
  • Removes all traces of makeup
  • Gentle on skin
  • Does not irritate my eyes at all, even with contacts
  • Leaves skin feeling refreshed and clean
The low-down:
  • Nothing I can think of!
My take: I completely ADORE these cleansing facial wipes. The sheets are much larger than the Epielle wipes I used to use, so one sheet is more than sufficient to remove all my makeup. It even removes waterproof makeup and lash glue without having to harshly scrub it off. I also feel like these wipes leave me skin feeling really refreshed and clean, without leaving behind any kind of film or stickiness. In addition to it's superb makeup-removing properties, it also DOES NOT irritate my eyes and make them itchy, burn, or water like some other makeup removers have done for me. Even when I have contacts in, these wipes do not bother my eyes at all and are totally gentle on skin!

Would I repurchase/recommend?: YES! I have been repurchasing these wipes for the past few months now and I still LOVE them! I would recommend these to anyone looking for a makeup removing wipe that completely removes all traces of makeup while being gentle and refreshing on skin!

The Rundown:

Packaging: 5/5
Resealable packaging keeps wipes moist without making the ones on the bottom over-saturated with makeup remover.

Product: 5/5
Excellent! Removes all traces of my makeup and feels extra gentle on skin. Does not irritate my eyes at all and feels refreshing.

Price: 5/5


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