Sunday, January 31, 2010

Formspring Q&A - How I get rid of oil + Youtube

Hello loves & new followers, I would just like to take a moment to thank you all for your kind words and support in my last post. Also thank you SO much to those who even took the time to email me... it was so very kind of you all and I truly appreciate it ♥ Going through a loss is never easy, and coupled with the stresses already going on in my life = Huge breakdown for me. It was probably one of the hardest nights of my life. So, it truly helps to have such kind and compassionate people surrouding you, physically and "virtually" (: I'm still very sad but trying my best to stay positive and keep moving on; after all, memories do last forever. Again, thank you all for your thoughtfulness during this difficult time.

I just thought I'd answer recent questions from my Formspring
QUESTION: how do YOU get rid of oil on the face?

ANSWER: Hmmmm... when I was battling with oily skin, I used:
  • ELF High Definition Powder (held back shine all day for me, buuut I'd still feel oily when I touch my face)
  • BB Cream (Skinfood worked the best for me at holding back shine)
  • Neutrogena acne cream cleanser (because it dried out my skin)
  • Lots of blotting paper/kleenex
  • Today I also tried this PDC Oil-Off mist I got from a swap, and it worked pretty well. But I wouldn't know where to get it :(
  • Oh, that and getting on a new bcpill (even if my skin is still not 100% back to normal, it improved my oiliness by 90%!)
QUESTION: Who's your favorite youtube beauty gurus? And why don't you make youtube tutorials and reviews? I think you'd have tons of subscribers!

MY ANSWER: I think the only YT beauty guru I know of is Michelle Phan. LOL. I started watching her vids from when she was on Xanga... loved them all. But haven't been keeping up for the past year. Even moreso because of my growing disappointment with iQQU. Oh, that and I guess I'm not much of a YT video-watcher anyway... I get bored too easily :P

I've thought about making videos, but honestly, I don't have a good enough digicam that can take video, and I don't have a tripod, video cam, webcam, or any video editing program (and don't want to buy any). Ha, I'm so technologically behind! :P Plus I'd feel super nervous and awkward watching myself XD Thanks though, that's really nice of you to say :D I guess I will consider this more in the future.
Also, I've revamped my Art & Photogblog into...
Which is basically going to be a place for me to just write about my main passions: art in general, my artwork/photography, artists, music, lyrics, and other random things I feel like talking about that aren't beauty related. Feel free to follow/unfollow, as it probaby won't be very interesting to many people lol. Just a place for me to collect my random thoughts.


  1. Having an oily face can be such a pain! However, it does keep your skin looking younger compared to dry skin. :p

    Keep your head up *hugs* <3

  2. thanks for the tips, I have oily skin too! I must get my hands on that Elf powder!

  3. sorry to hear about your loss, praying for you and your family.

  4. thanks for the really through advice on oily skin! i'm just wrapping my head around the idea of how powder works... i bought my first foundation last weekend but my greasies leak through it pretty fast. XD but yay blotting papers! do you have any preference between the plasticy ones and the papery ones?

    also, i clicked through a bunch of your photos, you're really talented. did you know that? ^o^

  5. I hope everything is going better for you now. Sorry you had to go through that. And Michelle Phan is pretty good, I still watch her sometimes when I'm bored at work.

  6. i hope God will be there for you and your family through this hard time. I know what you feel, my grandpa passed away this year as well. Sadly, i never even met him.

    i hope you feel better sooN!

  7. Erynn, I've been missing out on updates lately.. so sorry to hear about your grandmother but remember she is watching over you and will always be with you.. please take care.


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