Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New makeup organizer, Love from Meme, & Girls Talk (;

I found the greatest thing EVER at Walmart today:

It makes an excellent makeup organizer for me!!! There's 4 compartments on either side that's for pens, but is perfect for brushes!!! I can even fit liners, scissors, my BB creams, Neutrogena cream, sunscreen, and foundation in those 4 compartments. Yeah ew, my brushes are dirty XD

There's 3 more smaller sized compartments between the 2 ones on the either end. Perfect for fitting my NYX jar concealer, Rohto drops, BB cream sample, makeup wedge, and other little knicknacks (the uppermost compartment).

Then there is a little drawer in the middle that is the perfect size for lippies!!!
Love love love. I am so glad that I found this ♥

I got love package from the beautiful and talented Meme yesterday! We're swapping handmade items. She makes super pretty handmade silk flower accessories! I'm making her a tare panda charm and I loveeed her sakura hair pin! She was soooo generous to include two, AND a headband plus a sweet little note & candy (: Thank you so much girl!!

Definitely do check out Meme's lovely creations, she folds and arranges these gorgeous silk flowers by hand ♥

Anne & Mai also did this Girls Talk post so I have some not so juicy, more so silly stories to share too XD It is a weekly game but I did all this month's questions too.

First Crush
I honestly don't remember this story, but my dad tells me this all the time. Apparently, there was this boy in preschool (LOL), and we liked each other and would follow each other all over. He would always tell his grandma that he would marry me one day -- how you make this decision in PRESCHOOL, I don't know :P Now I have no idea who this boy is, or even what his name was, but I guess that qualifies as first crush because apparently I did like him back?

First Date
I think I went to the mall and watched the "at the time" bf and his friends go to the arcade and play games, bored out of my mind. Then watched them walk around and act all "hard" like all prepubescent little tweens do. He dumped me on a Valentine's day(!) to go out with one of my best friends, then another of my good friends at the time. He ping-ponged between all of us for awhile, which led to much cattiness, jealousy, and ultimately, ended friendships. Funny thing is, there was nothing even remotely good about the guy but we all liked him for some reason :X

First Kiss
I also can't remember if this was... 3rd grade? 4th? 5th? Err... Let's just say somewhere during 3rd-6th grade elementary school. Do kids even go out that young? My best girl friend at the time (she had a "boyfriend" in 2nd grade I think... and I think they actually were "together" for 2-3 years!) decided it would be good to hook me up with this guy I didn't like. She insisted. The kiss? His brilliant idea? Leaned towards me, prenteding to tell me a secret, then planted one right on my cheek. I was... stunned, apalled, disgusted? We "went out" for a total of 2 days.

First boyfriend
The same guy above. I don't think this qualifies as a "real" boyfriend, but then again I never had any of what I would consider as "real" relationship until I was 14. Dumb choices between then and now, but f*ck it. Live & learn & life goes on. The semi-upside? A lot of dirt & humiliating stories about a lot of douchebags with GIGANTIC EGOS to compensate for their many SHORTCOMINGS. I type this in caps for various reasons.

Anyways, it's funny to think back when being with someone for 2 weeks was FOREVER. Now 2 + years seems to pass in the blink of an eye XD


  1. I want that organizer but I don't think they have it at my local walmart :<

  2. You sure do like your organizer's lol. Those rose's are beautiful. Aww your story's about your first's...The crush one is adorable! It remind's me of my little bride. I'm still waiting for all my first's...

  3. That stationery/makeup holder is certainly a fantastic buy! Well spotted! I'm still looking for the perfect solution to store all my makeup. :(

    Ha ha, the story of your first crush is sooooo cute! :D

  4. That's a great idea with the organizer! I might go out and get something like that :D

    lol I guess we all have dealt with stereotypical douchebags at some point in our lives.

  5. That organizer looks fab!! Everything looks so compact into nice compartments, I shall keep my eyes open to see if thats available in Canada *searches*. Thanks!!

    LOL, if you think your first date was bad, wait until you hear mine... I guess I shall do this too on my blog, wait for it! =)

  6. I love how efficient and pocket-ful (not a word but I am sooo using it) that is! Beautiful silk flower creations you received. :) Hee hee...love your cute and funny "first" stories.

  7. Great organizer! Pretty genius to turn an office supply into a makeup organizer :) Your first things seem so nostalgic and silly, but it must've been a hoot to look back into the years !

  8. LOL! I was gonna buy that like 2 weeks ago but my mom said it would encourage me to buy MORE makeup so I couldn't get it. I love organization supplies. So practical I love it!

    Those flowers are the cutest. It reminds me of Obon season!

    I'm so gonna have to do this girl talk! It's too cute!!

  9. lol! love your cute stories. ;) mine aren't all that interesting either but it's fun to hear about.^^

  10. Nice Idea on the Organizer, I actually use a lot of office organizers to store my makeup >_<

    Cute Girl Talk Post! I can't really remember any of my "first". ha ha


  11. The new makeup organizer looks great! :) I just organized my train case too. ;) I realized I've been slowly adding more and more to it as the days go by, eventually making it almost impossible to fit everything in it. *Sigh* lol.

    Aww your first kiss story is so cute! :) Actually, now that I think about it. My first kiss on the cheek was kinda like that too! haha.

    Oh and I forgot to tell you, I tried out that EOS lip balm and it's awesome! Thanks for posting about it :D

  12. Hello beautiful!

    I've missed reading your blog and am glad to be back. Thank you so much for giving me an award, it means a lot to me. :)

    Using office organization as makeup storage is a fantastic idea. Your setup looks very nice. I'm also wanting to try those EOS lip balms you rec. now too haha. Those flower accessories are super adorable.

    Aww thanks for sharing all your "first" stories!

  13. what a great find! that's a great make up organizer, i want one!

  14. hahaha except for first BF all the other "first" are quite a blur to me...

    that organizer looks great, I'm actually looking for something like that! too bad I'm in the Netherlands.


  15. Oh ha ha!! So cute. I don't think I liked boys (or boy crazy) as young as you. In elementary school I remember the boys were really mean and I didn't like any of them except for this wimpy boy... we'd go to his house and he'd be so embarassed he wouldn't want to come out. SO FUNNY! Oh I remember those middle school relationships where you go to the mall and did nothing.

    BTW, I LOVE that organizer! Which reminded me to go and get some. What a cute way to place your make up.

  16. talk about an early bloomer... preschool!?! lol.

    hahah i totally can sympathize with the "following bf and his friends around and watching them play arcades" kind of date... thats pretty much how it was for me too! lol.

  17. Glad you love em ^_^!! My desk is full of crap, that I dont think, having a pencil organizer will work for my desk(it looks like a tornado or earthquake went through) I think I'll just hang stuff on the wall LOL.

  18. enjoyed reading your "first"....u had ur first crush in preschool?I had mine when I was in 5th-6th grade...

  19. YOu got that from Walmart?! LOL! I was looking at another mesh desk organizer from them for my stuff. The mini 3 drawer one I think. LOL

    Awww thanks for sharing your "firsts" with us!

  20. yay for new organizer! i like how you have 2 eos there, lol :)

    thanks for sharing your stories!

  21. Oh dude, that is such an adorable little organizer!! I've been looking for something like that forever but I could never find anything so I have FOUR separate cups on my vanity!! LOL.

    Gorgeous package from Meme! I love looking at kanzashi - they are just so beautiful - but I have yet to buy myself a hair ornament! I love the look of that headband! I might have to get myself one later this month!!

    And LOL. I enjoyed reading this. I think I was a late bloomer for sure... but I might share my firsts later next week teehee. :D

  22. That's an amazing organizer! I need to be more organized, my brushes are EVERYWHERE lol.

  23. your organizer and swap is so adorable!!! and omgggg your firsts is so cute :) the boy that planted one on your cheek was a little schemer! hahaha. and oh god i can't even begin to tell you all the crap that i went through in bad relationships! "Dumb choices between then and now, but f*ck it. Live & learn & life goes on. " i really couldn't have said it better myself! Aren't you glad to be in an actual rewarding relationship hahaha :)


  24. I wish my makeup would fit into that organizer... LOL


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