Thursday, January 7, 2010

Mail love & Happy-ness

I was at home today and the mailperson brought me this bigass box!
It was from Serenie!!! ♥

She got me some Palty & Rohto eye drops!!!!I am so excited to try the Palty cuz I've heard a lot of good things about it. I'm hoping for a nice auburnish brown color. Kinda scared to process my hair again tho... It'll be the 4th time in like a month's span XP

Thank you for the eye drops toooo! Like Wuzzy says, these are some mofo CRACKDROPS!!! The cooling sensation is like WHABAM! And then it gets all mellow and nice. Now I wanna try them all!

Thank you looooove ^___^ ♥

I also got some makeup wipes and goodies from
Lisa of He Qi Crystal Designs!
I have to say, hands down, these wipes are the SH!T. The cloth texture/thinness reminds me of Epielle wipes, the scent kinda like DHC wipes, and the makeup removing power = better than anything I've ever used! Plus no residue and it says it has collagen :D Thank you soooo much Lisa ♥

And here's some Happy-ness for you.
Happy MUST sit next to me (in this box) or behind me (in my chair) while I'm on the computer. She's in the kitchen directly behind me and if she can see me, she will NOT stop barking ~_~


  1. LOL Happy butt! Haha!! Yes the ROHTO is the bomb! L first got me on it! haha!! That one is like major crack! LOL I can't use that one, mine has to be for contact users, and they only sell those online or in Asia! :( So I had to bug Kay! LOL!

    I'm going to come kidnap your dog! lmao!! It's sooooo cute.

  3. Oh cool. That eye drop sounds really neat. Hard to find though. Your doggy is adorable! I need to give mine a bath.

  4. Aw, I wuv Happy! :D That is awesome mail love you received, girl! The hair color is so pretty. Can't wait to see your new 'do.

  5. Nice packages! I really want to get my hands on the rohto eyedrops but they're not available here T_T I would have to order online which I don't want to do >_< I mean just for eyesdrops that would be a bit too much looool!


  6. She has to sit on the chair on in a box?! Haha cute!
    Mofo crackdrops are the way to describe it!!!! I think they're known as the ultimate stoner drops too. All my boyfriends friends use them. Hahaha!
    Dude the guy at the mail place was a doodoo head. I spent like 10 minutes debating with him which shipping I wanted to do when I wanted priority but he was like trying to talk me out of it!!! Like wtf? LOL.

  7. your puppy is so cuteeeeeeeeeee! such a prinwencess

  8. cute love packages and happy is so adorable!

  9. I miss getting packages! lol. Husband has banned me from online shopping until I get my bills down. Drat.

    Your dog is adorable!

  10. LOL. Happi is so cute!!!

    And ooooooooh. So interested in those makeup wipes now! I have never used them before but I'm considering playing intramural soccer this quarter and I have some pretty late classes so if I'm going directly from class to soccer practice then I definitely want to take my makeup off first!!

  11. nice mail love! couple random questions:
    Did you like the Time Traveler's Wife, the book? I saw the movie and it was only "okay" for me.

    Also, how did you get the little bow images in your sidebar headers. I've been wondering how to do that. I know some coding so don't worry about making it easy for me to understand. You can email me if that's easier. Thanks!

  12. holy molyyyy i think youre the only blogger who gets this much mail love!

    i looove how happy's ears turn down :) sooo cute!!


  13. Oh my gosh! Your doggie is SOOOO cute!!!

  14. Aww Happy's cute booty is sticking out! Have fun with your goodies, blogger love is awesome :) Hmm maybe you should wait a teeny bit before trying the palty?

  15. I'm probably gonna read the book because cause the movie didn't do it for me. I know what you mean about Rachel. She is gorgeous!

  16. aww cute package. i want to see how the hair dye comes out^^ those eyedrops sound cool~~

    bless happy.. he's so sweet^^ xx

  17. aww, is the package gift wrapped!?!? How does that stay throughout the transportation process?! lol :) but happy is cute ^_^ My jack doesn't bark at all.. he'll just follow you lol!


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