Tuesday, January 5, 2010

How to: add a favicon to your blog!

I had always wanted a favicon but was not sure how to do it on blogger until I came accross this tutorial at yummylolly.com! It's some very useful information, and I just wanted to share what I learned! (credit: here is the tutorial from yummylolly)


  1. You need a small square icon (I think I did 20x20 but it's usually scaled down to 16x16). If you use a big image, it will be scaled down and lose quality so if you're making your own, it's best to create your image at the size you want it to appear. I used Paint Shop Pro but you can use any image editing program-- I find good ol' MSPaint to be the easiest to make pixel images with.

  2. I saved mine as a .gif with a transparent background -- I will do a tutorial on this soon.

  3. Go to iconj.com and upload that sucker!

  4. Copy & paste the code they provide you with, into your layout html like so:

    The pink part is where you put YOUR code... put it between the b:skin and head tags. Make sure it is ABOVE the head tag.

  5. Preview that shit!!! If it's all G... click SAVE

  6. Aaaand... you're done! It should work as long as your browser supports favicons. Also, remember that since this is a free host and all... your icon may disappear if/when the site goes down.


  1. hi sweetness!! I hope you had a fabulous new year! I like the new look of your blog!!! VERY CUTE. I love pink too. And thanks so much for the blog award! I need to get all of those up sometime! :)

    And the favicon. OH man, another thing I need to get around to doing. But I'm really liking yours! Totally suits your site!


  2. AHHH! I was just wondering how to do this when I saw your new layout.
    I tried it before but it didn't work for me. I'll try again right now!


  3. you favicon looks so pretty! ^^

  4. OMG HOW IRONIC IS THIS! I was trying to add one yesterday, but I got confused. :/

    I think I added it in the wrong spot.

  5. this is gonna sound stoopid, but what's a favicon?! LOL!

  6. oooh! i've been trying to find/make a favicon but failed! i can't wait to try this out! thanks a bunchies!

    <3 Rena

  7. your new layout is AWESOMEEEEEEE

  8. ooh! I'd love a favicon. But I can't think of what to put as mine. Thanks for the tutorial! And your favicon is cute! :D

  9. Thanks for posting this =D <3<3

  10. Wow, this is so cool! I love yours. :D


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