Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Herrohachi, Julu Jewelry, & Mail love ♥

I got my Herrohachi order in from Kym a few weeks ago... sadly, at the same time my camera broke! :( So this was one of the first test shots with my new camera :D If you have not yet discovered the greatness that is Herrohachi, KNOCK YOURSELF OUT!

Aren't these pins the cutest?! Cupcake is so adorable in color, it looks uber yummy hehe (: All these will be decorating my school bag!

I loooove you Kym (; ♥

I got my Julu Jewelry order in yesterday!I had contacted Steph because I was interested in some custom pieces! She is so sweet and is such a super talented jewelry maker... of course she was able to make me exactly what I had in mind!!! She also gave me cute lavendar crystal studs as a GWP, and a little pink polishing cloth. And candy, but I ate it already (: I was so excited opening the boxes.. hehe...

Squeeeee!The pieces I had in mind, EXACTLY as I had envisioned them! :D

"Your Heart is my Hostage" necklace
I was really inspired by Steph's recent gun themed pieces. I wanted something a bit girly but still edgy... this is what I came up with, and she brought it to life! Can't wait to pair this with all my pink tops.. hehe

"Every Queen Needs Her Crown" necklace
I named this one, in regards to this post :P This necklace came out BEAUTIFULLY! It's super hime and girly and shiny... I love love love it! Wore it today ♥ Thank you so much Steph, I'm so glad you were able to custom these necklaces for me! :D If you want your own gorgeous handmade jewelry, check out Julu Jewelry!

I did take some pictures of myself wearing the necklaces... but I'm looking particularly BLEGHHHASDFJKL this week so I'll take better pics soon :P

I also got a package from Mai today!

She had emailed me when she went to Oahu and asked if I wanted anything from LUSH! And you all know the LUSH fiend I am becoming :P So I asked if she could pick me up some Whip Stick Lip balm! I got Honey Trap from the lovely miss Sheila, but unfortunately, while I was enticed by the decadent product descriptions on the website, I was not too enthralled with the scent/taste IRL :( Uh, I think I just have no luck with these lip balms because Whip Stick smells like... tootsie roll to me :/ So while I am not crazy about the scents, I do quite enjoy the formulation of these lip balms! I'll be doing reviews on those two soon.

She was also so generous to also include some Neutrogena Redness Soothing Scrub, since I'd mentioned a few times that I really wanted to try it! She was also soo nice to give me one of her .maitai jewelry cellphone charms that I'd been lemming! (Most of you know I LOVE lime green... as well as pink :P) Yay! I'm trying to decide what I want to hang it on... lol (: Thank you so much Mai! ♥


  1. the necklace with guns. is so cute! hehe...
    oh, so how's the new camera? I like the watermark on those photo... really nice

  2. OMG I just ordered some Alice in Wonderland Jewelry from Steph. I think she is totally awesome and creates her customers great, feel so special every time I interact with her <3. Not to mention she is uber talented and nonconformist when it comes to her jewelry.

    I love that crown necklace, I can't wait to see it on you =)

  3. yaay for Julu Jewelry! :D

    Woow you got the stuff really quick! Gotta love in-town mailing. lol.

    Yeah, I don't know why I'm still friends with these people. I'm so fed up now that I just walk away without saying a word anymore. And they don't even notice! *Sigh* Some people. >:(

  4. I have those herro buttons in my etsy cart!
    It was great working with you! <3 glad you love it all. Did you like the name "your heart is my hostage"? I stared at the screen a long time before I could come up with that, lol.
    can't wait to see you model them :)
    thanks for the kinds words both of you. <3

    oh, and I sniffed some of the lip balms/solid perfumes last time I went to the counter of Lush- nothing was particularly good to my nose... either too many fingers had been stuck in there or they were just blah.

  5. awesome! i love lush as well. and i'm definately looking toward your reviews

  6. I really like that crown necklace (as well as your heart is in my hostage, but I think I have to admit I like the crown one more just because of a slight princess complex. ;D).

    I've been wanting to purchase some things from Kym but I'm saving up for a t-shirt or the hoodie and I'll make a purchase with the pins all together. xD Yay~~

    Thanks for sharing! You're wonderful. <3 & what the heck were you saying about no one interested in your personal blog? I, for one, adore it, like I've declared in my entry! :D I'll watch those new videos you've uploaded soon, I couldn't find the time recently...but yes, encore! You're wonderful! ;D

  7. the necklaces are so beautiful! they are all really sweet :)

  8. Cute pins!! At first I though they were picture stones! LOL! Weird I know...

    Oohh the jewelry is very pretty! Love the edge the guns give! And how sweet of Mai! If you ever need something from Oahu let me know! :)

  9. oh gosh juju jewelries are made of awesome love! and those are the cutest pins ever!!


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