Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wordless Wednesday


  1. bahahhaha... i guess he likes the smell of your feet lol

  2. So fluffyyy. I really want a puppy, but I'm allergic :[


  3. Haha, I was thinking..."what could this be?" and I was said "how cute~~" after I clicked on it. xD

  4. I didn't see the pic clearly at first and thought it was one of the Olympic mittens. But was then relieved when I looked closer. Hahah...


    I sero want a puppy right now ~_~...but my mummy sez no :(

  6. ERYNN MY LOVE <3 <3

    I love novel comments! Especially from someone as sweet and beautiful as you! I'm so over the preggo girls and crappy school systems. I never really wanted to grow up so now that I'm almost 18 I'm just really taken back by it! I doubt the whole world is gonna change but just the reality of this is the start of being completely independent and basically a new life that I have full control of is scary! Makes me want my mommy :( hahaha. I doubt I'll keep in contact with 98% of my high school friends. Which is sad when I sit around and look back... and look towards it. I guess people really do grow apart huh? (NOT US THOUGH, we're blogger babes lol)

    You were completely correctomundo about the love thing. I sit around and wonder the same things. I think back to past relationships, causes for ending, problems, good times bad, transitions. And I think about the current mans... and it's just a lot to think about ya know?
    So depressing haha, it's not fun to have those thoughts stuck in your head but I guess that's life.

    At least I'll always know my love for your amazing self won't ever fade end or get wack! :D

    <3 you!

  7. that dog is toooooo cute. :'D<3


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