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NOTD + Review: NYX South Sea glitter gradient nails w/ NYX Glitter on the Go "Las Vegas"



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A few days ago I decided to do my nails with NYX Nail polish in "South Sea." It is a gorgeous bright metallic blue shade ♥ It's very sheer, so I did 3 coats. Then I decided I might as well try out my NYX Glitter on the Go from my last NYX haul!

Price: $4.00 for 2g from NYX (I got it during the $1 sale)

What they say: Loose glitter packaged in a cute case with a knockout punch! Perfect to apply to hair, face and body, NYX offers 24 sparkling shades of Glitter on the Go. Safe to use and non-irritating.

The good stuff:
  • I guess it's inexpensive... I still wouldn't pay $4 for it though.
  • 24 shades to choose from
  • Very fine, shimmery, and sparkly glitter
The low-down:
  • No staying power on its own
  • Needs multiple layers to build it up

My take: "Las Vegas" looks black but it has so many beautiful multi-colored glitters in it! Lots of blues, greens, and teals. I read here that it is NOT eye safe, but I decided I would give it a try anyway. I have used this glitter 3 times when doing my eyemakeup and have had not any adverse effects with it. While I agree that it does not have much staying power on its own, it did not fall into my eyes and it did not itch or scratch. Buut I'm sure it'll be different for everyone... so use at your own discretion!

Would I repurchase/recommend?
No, I don't think I will be repurchasing anytime soon, as I don't use glitter very often. While all the other shades are alluring and although it's only $4, it's just glitter... I wouldn't pay that much for it because I don't use it very often. As for recommend, I'd say it's worth a shot if you like adding sparkle to your look!

Glitter Gradient Nails

Okay, I'm sure theres 5416716358 ways to do this, but this is how I did mine, it was super easy and I liked the way it turned out (:

Step 1 - Three coats of NYX "South Sea"

Step 2 - After the third coat, when it is still wet, add a light coat of glitter. I used an eyeshadow brush to do this (gasp?!). What I did was load a little glitter onto the brush, and then held the brush head over my nail and tap-tapped it to shake some of the glitter off, onto my entire nail. Just a light dusting. Do this quickly, you want the polish to still be tacky while you do step 3 and 4.

Step 3 - Heavy coat of glitter. If you're afraid to fudge up your eyeshadow brush doing this, then maybe you should use a crappy one... or a paintbrush. But I still used an eyeshadow brush. I loaded a lot of glitter onto the tip of the brush head. Then I lightly pressed it to just the tips of my nails (think French Tip). Since I loaded a lot of glitter, only the glitter gets deposited onto my nails, and thus the brush bristles don't touch the nail polish. I repeated this several times to get an even layer of glitter on the tips of my nails.

Step 4 - Repeat step 2, but concentrate the glitter closer to the bottom of the glitter tips you just made, around the middle of your nail. So there should be the most glitter at the tips of your nails, and then it should fade out to less glitter towards the bottom of your nails.

Step 5 - Wait for it to dry, then add a topcoat! I use Nailene Acrylic Strong topcoat.

The end result:

A super easy way to spice up your nails (:
Reminds me a bit of OPI's Absolutely Alice!
(If I added more glitter)

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  1. That's a really pretty nail polish color! I have a few NYX polishes but I haven't tried them yet... I'm kinda scared to lol.

  2. The color is amazing for just $4! The glitter really puts a kick into it and the gradation is on target~ (I still need to brush up on my skills -____-;;)
    Another great review, Erynn~ Thanks<3<3<3
    And congrats to 5,000 profile views! That's a really big number ^___^
    Keep up the amazing work!

    Miss. P

  3. I'm pretty picky with my nailpolish. I don't think I'd be able to pull off that color, but it looks cute on you :] I've never tried NYX nailpolish before. I've only tried their eyeshadows and such.


  4. Very pretty! And thanks for the review!
    I am still abit puzzled how to use loose glitter on nails ><;

  5. such pretty nail polish color, but I am not that much of a fan of that kind of glitter as its a bithard to remove yeah? :) But this is really really pretty!

  6. your blog is always so interesting to read and thanks for the nail tip. keep posting girl!

  7. WOW! Nice job erynn! :D

    I awarded you on my blog love!

  8. Cuuuuuute! :D I love glitter gradient nails! :D

  9. Wow it came out really pretty! It really does remind me of the sea! LOL!

  10. It does really look like the OPI polish.

    I suppose it's the cheaper way to get a glitter nail polish, but I don't think I'd wanna deal with the mess. Knowing my luck, I'd end up dropping the container of glitter on the floor or something. lol

  11. What a pretty blue! it's perfect for spring time! hehe that's what I was thinking this weekend when I quickly painted my nails, too! I finally was able to pick up China Glaze in For Audrey (the color that Jen [frmheadtotoe] loves!) and now I know why she adores it so much! I am in LOVEE with this color! It's so pretty, and I couldn't stop admiring my nails all wknd! hehe it's really opaque and smooth and dries fast and doesn't chip! You should get yourself a bottle, too, Erynn!<3

    <3 caroline

  12. Nice NOTD! :) I barely use blue nailpolish and I never tried using glitters. Im very clumsy and it will just be a big mess. But after reading your post...I wanna try it now! :)

    And youre welcome girlie! your blog is just too adorable! I had to follow! ^_^


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