Wednesday, March 17, 2010

This makes me sad :(

This is another one of those "being real" posts.
Sorry for the crappy picture, crappy makeup. This was like ~4 years ago...
And this is how my eyelashes used to look like:

Yes, those were my real eyelashes. :(

I touched upon this subject a few times but never really elaborated on it.

My dad always told me when I was younger, I had the longest eyelashes of any asian he'd ever seen. Believe it or not, I did have super long eyelashes. They were stick-straight.. nothing that couldn't be fixed with an eyelash curler though.

But ever since I was little, I've had this nasty habit of just yanking them out when I'm bored/stressed. Anyone else do this? Apparently this is called Trichotillomania. Now doesn't that sound scary. It sucks. They used to grow back quickly but not anymore. So I went through several phases of having lots of eyelashes, and then having almost none. Atm, I'm in the "almost none" phase. So that's why I use falsies in the majority of my EOTDs.

I've been interested in Latisse, but Idk.
It'll probably end up causing eye cancer or some shit.

Anybody tried this stuff?


  1. I overplucked my eyebrows in high school, and got amazing results with Talika. Now I don't even have to fill my brows in anymore!

    It's way cheaper than Latisse and it doesn't have any of the chemicals that I'd be scared to put near my eyes. I bought another bottle and used it on my lashes and was super impressed with the length and new growth I got. It's an eyelash conditioner, so it really helps those who use curlers, makeup remover and mascara often. It's $40 at Sephora or on Talika's website.

  2. ohhh i saw the ads on magz,umm the lipstick jungle star?hehe
    its doctor prescribed rite?go ahead then!and stop yanking me out!loll
    coz latisse wud be expensive,i guess?:p

  3. Shit, I do that too... I should prob stop o___0

    But I don't actually "yank" them out per se, I more like "massage" them from root to tip, lol. But I will stop anyways because its probably bad for them.

  4. That's really sad to hear... well, me, I used to bite my nails, causing my nail bed became very short. ;(

  5. aww! its okay! nothing false eyelashes wont help! :)

  6. hey girl, I've tried a generic version of Latisse and it works well and made my lashes MUCH longer (esp if you look at my pics from a year ago) but I will say it is itchy when you apply it and it can make your eyes redder and undereye circles darker. It can also make the line of skin where you apply it, your lashline, more purply. So it's a tradeoff really. I only do maintenance applications now, twice a week or so, but it took about 4 months to see the full effects.

  7. Aaw, I'm sorry! I've heard about trying castor oil or Vitamin E oil to grow eyelashes. Perhaps you could try those before Latisse?

  8. Oh man, sorry to hear that. I've never tried Latisse. :S Hope it works out for you if you try it!

    Yeah I hate that Macys doesn't have good D&B bags :( I have one Chanel handbag that I got as a gift, but it's pretty plain and kinda old. lol. I got it like 7 years ago :( It's time for a new one! :D OoOo you SHOULD do a bag collection post! Some inspiration for us bag-aholics. haha! And yeah, I feel the same about the Coach. After I got my latest one I've seen lots more people with it. Even one of my old high school classmates has the exact same one which is pretty ridiculous seeing as my grad class was so small and out of all the styles we own the same one. lol.

    Thanks so much for the link!! I had looked through Google before but the sellers I found were kinda sketchy. But I found a good seller from the link you gave me! :D I'm so excited. I love that polish!

    Hmm I haven't really been into much of F21's stuff lately. :S I wasn't really planning on buying anything at A'GACI but then I saw the Sale page and....*sigh* lol! I definitely need to go back on a ban!

  9. My co-worker uses that and hers grew like crazy! She had to slow down with it.

  10. Awww that sucks :[

    Luckily for me.. mine are long (only half asian) but sometimes I'll get spots where a few eyelashes will fall out then it's got a bald spot >_< I dunno if that's because of the certain makeup I use or what... I saw, go ahead and try that stuff!

  11. Holy fuck! Your lashes be long as hell!
    Matt does that too. It pisses me off cause he has sky scrapper lashes and he's pulling them out! He says "I don't want it to fall in my eye cause it hurts."
    Haha everyone gets cancer. Like how I'll probably get cancer from dying my hair too much. I feel bad for people who are scared to death of cancer. Then they live their life scared of dying instead of living it up before they die. -___-
    I saw people that used Revitalash! It seems to work. Expensive though.... I need me some lashes.
    My mom has long lashes... what happened to me?!

  12. Awwww hun! I do that too subconsciously when I'm bored -_-
    My lashes suck regardless and have nothing on your previous lashes!
    We should try latisse together!.. though I'm scared! lol

  13. omg i had this too... i always felt so abnormal afterwards :( and super conscious of whether other people would notice... *sulk*
    i learnt that it's a stress related habit, and tried my best to control my habit... and found a new love, mascara :) just curling my lashes and applying mascara made me feel so much prettier and prouder that i was able to tackle this bad habit by reminding myself of this reward :)

  14. Wow, I've never heard of Trichotillomania until you mentioned it.

    Yea, I'm neutral with erase paste, however for 26 bucks, its a product i'd skip instead.. i just like its texture.. its not as cakey on my skin as MAC's Studio concealor.. since i lost the receipt, i HAVE to put it to use haha

  15. PS, I agree! R&R packing is so... simple but damn nice!! lol

  16. Aw, sorry to hear about your lashes. I have not tried the lash growing products myself, however Pursebuzz did a really awesome review for the Lastisse, in a nutshell she said the product works and delivers good results, however downsides were it's like eye lash crack and once you stop poof no more lashes and they fall out she also mentioned since you use the treatment at night during sleep and you brush the lash stuff on it can move on off your lashes and onto other areas of your face and start to grow hair there.

  17. I'd love to try Latisse or something like it! I swear my left eye has a big ass PATCH of missing lashes!!

    Dang those are nice lashes you have. I still think you have nice lashes today! Even with the falsies, you can tell.

  18. Haven't tried it but I read something about it changing the color of your cornea? I have no clue. I didn't pull my lashes out but I am guilty of overplucking my eyebrows. :(

  19. awwww.. beautiful long lashes! i've never had them but i can see why that would make you sad since you once had them! i'm always wary of "enhancing" products! but hey, some of them might actually be good!

  20. i feel the same way about my lashes.. i used to have a fair descent amoutn, but i pluck them out myself idk why i do but i just do.. and now i have to wear falsies on the daily cause i just hate how i look without em.

  21. Latisse is the only FDA approved product on the market for growing eyelashes so if you have to use one, in my opinion, it should be your first choice. FDA approval means it's been subjected to clinical trials and adverse reactions are documented but yes, no one knows the long term effects since it is a relatively new product. before you decide to use it, be smart- do some research. there's a lot of information on the web on latisse. GL!!


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