Tuesday, March 2, 2010

EOTD ft. Paul & Joe palette & Yukiumi Nails ♥ [pic heavy!]

Hello loves & new followers ♥

Thought I'd do an EOTD today to take some test shots with my new cam. I hate it. It took me FOREVER to get decent shots. Well, I guess it doesn't help that I take all my pictures in my room, where the lighting isn't the best. But still! I had a much easier time with my old camera :( This camera gets horribly yellow-orange shots unless you're FULLY in natural lighting (very good crisp, clear shots). But if the lighting dims even a little, it goes straight to being orangey again. I tried auto settings and ISO settings and I get the same results. Also, how the shots look on the camera is HELLA different from how they look on the computer... the color is WAY off.

HOWEVER! Twilight Portrait setting (shoot in low light with flash) is THE SHIT. It makes skin look effing FLAWLESS. But of course it is no good for close-up shots.

Cheesin' it....Unflattering pictures but this setting is BOMB

We have not taken any pictures together for like... a year :P

Anywho.... I had to take 4301754165 shots to get these few decent ones. Idk if I'm doing it wrong or there's some settings I'm unaware of... but all I know is that I never had this hard a time with my old camera and I can't wait to get it back!! :(

With that being said, here's my EOTD,
featuring the Paul and Joe Smoke and Mirrors Eye Color Palette III that the lovely miss Sheila got me! ♥ This is my first P&J product, and I'm loving it (: The shadows are super silky and and pigmented. Very pretty neutral shades; a shimmery pale tan and dusky light brown, and an auburnish dark brown shade.
These are Red Cherry lashes #46 and Geo Angel Brown circle lenses.

What I used:
  • ELF Brightening e/s quad [Butternut] - #4 all over lid, above crease
  • ELF Brightening e/s quad [Drama] - #5 on inner and outer corner of lid, above crease
  • Shade #2 and 3 above #5, blended
  • Shade #1 and 6 [Lancome Bikini Golden] - below brow highlight, blended
  • Not pictured - Rimmel Exaggerate [black] to tightline & line waterline, NYX eye pencil [black] to line lashline, NYX Felt tip liner pen [dark brown] to line lashline and create winged outer corner. Also used to "draw" on the illusion of false lashes.
In other news...

I received a set of nails from Yukiumi a few days ago ♥

In addition to their gorgeous, hand-decorated nails, they also offer decoden parts, asian cosmetics, clothing, and circle lenses.

Disclosure: these products were sent to me by Yukiumi (R). I am not paid by or affiliated with this company, I was sent these products for free and this is my honest opinion and experience with it.

This is the Sparkling Ribbons nails in size Small.

I fell in love with these when I first laid eyes on them.... I love pink, sparkles, ribbons, and rhinestones. They're so cute! Even cuter in real life! The only thing I don't like is that they're kind of long. I'm not use to wearing fake nails so I would prefer it if they were shorter.

They fit rather well but I still had to file some of the sides down a bit. The good thing is that they lay flat against my nail, unlike the ones I deco'd.

*Edit: forgot to note that I took these nails off right after I took these pics, because I cannot function properly with them on :P I used this cheap (I think it was Kiss? Or Nailene?) nail glue, and to take off the nails, I just soaked them in warm water and popped them off easily. That's the good part about the crappy nail glue I used, it's easy to take off. So I'm not sure how long they would stay on if I left them on, since I didn't use the nail glue they provided.. I think that one is really strong.

Please excuse my camwhoring :PThese were some of those horribly yellow-orange pics. I tried color correcting them but they ended up kinda dull-colored. Oh well, at least they're pretty sharp.

Hope you're all having a great week!


  1. Hey girl! :] Youuu are sooo gorgeous! Lovin' the colors you put on your lids. Love the nails, & the photos are a beauty. :]

  2. awww, the nail deco is sooo cute, your eotd is really pretty as well. Red Cherry falsies is amazing !

  3. the nails are cute! How long do they last? Do you use regular glue? I always have trouble keeping nails glued on. After long showers or washing dishes, they last maximum 3 days.

  4. Oooh! I want me your skin!! It looks so pretty and glowy. I'm so J. Haha!!!
    Those nails look killer cute! I always look at her nails but I've never bought any.
    I wanted to go to Cali and get my nails done at Hime Nails. Like how cute the name has 'Hime' in it!!! =]
    I've never worn those types of nails good... I guess the quality stuff really makes a difference. My fake nails always pop off or get stuck in my hair. Gotta always be something embarrassing. >__<
    Long nails drive me crazy. I always get them long when I do acrylics then I start going nuts and wanting to rip them off a few days after.

  5. My gosh, you are SO gorgeous. I love those lashes you got on too =D

  6. nice EOTD!

    You should try changing the white balance on your camera to fluorescent. the new cybershots have two different fluorescent light settings and one of them should work :)

  7. I love your double-winge-ed eyelining! Heck, the whole looks is beautiful. Wow, those false nails have got to be the cutest I have ever seen, but I get what you mean about having nails that long and not being able to function properly. :)

  8. ooh love the eotd and the nails!!!

  9. omg those nails are sooo CUTE! I'm in love with them too. And bleeh camera drama I hate those. Your skin looks flawless in it though *envy* hehe

  10. You'll eventually get used to your camera. I'm still trying to do the same with mine. Lovely pictures though.


  11. You're so pretty! Loving the eye makeup and the nails are super cute :3


  12. you're soo gorgeous && ur skin is absolutely flawless!

    i love ur nails they are so pretty im not that into fake nails either, i would take the decos off nd stick em on my cell... ghettoooo! LOL

    <33 Sharlene

  13. Your skin look so flawless =) I love the ribbon on the nails but then I'll be scared to use the bathroom.

  14. love the nails! :) and the setting for your camera is sooo nice! i wish my camera could do that too!

  15. i think you look great in those pics, and i loooove the nails! i know what you mean about having to take a million photos to get one that looks good, i do the same thing!

  16. you and your bf are so cute together! :) thanks for showing us your nails! i'm going to visit the site now :D its the closest i can get to any like these! lol

  17. yeah, i'm not a fan of the Sony W series. but the twilight setting is pretty cool! those nails are INTENSE! way too much for me to handle but you work them well.

    lol at MEME's comment!

  18. you are SOOO PRETTY! can you possibly hear that enough? you just really are :) anyways, love the nails! i don't think i could ever pull those off tho.. and they'd probably pop off while i'm at school or something :/

    and your camera looks great, maybe since you edited all of them? you'll get used to it! and adorable pics with the boyfriend :)

  19. awww i <3 the shape of your eyes... and face... and, okay fine, i <3 you! lol
    you seem like youre struggling soooo much with your new camera.. it sounds like it's a person lol. it's okay, youll get used to it babe! im partial to canons buuut my sister had a sony camera from before, she still uses it sooo it's built tough. im sure once you get used to it, youll start to love it like it was your first ;)


  20. girl you are so gorgeous! i love the look on you and those pretty nails! i'm not used to wearing fake nails either so if i ever do - i like mine short!

    i LOVE those eyelashes! <3 and your contacts! what are you wearing?! :)

  21. Love the eye and you are stunning! I don't think your new cam is that bad at all- it looks like it picks up good lighting.
    Which reminds me, I should take more pictures with Mr. P more often, sigh-haha:D

    Miss. P

  22. Looks amazing, Erynn. :D I like those pics you took with your boyfriend though. ^___^ Really cute.

    I've looked at those nails before but they're sort of out of my price range...xD Plus, I don't think I can do things normally when I wear fake nails. I hope you get your camera baby back soon. >___<

  23. The photos of you and your bf are so cute!
    Love your EOTD a lot! Makes your eyes pop! You have so huge eyes!

  24. There is nothing wrong with camwhoring! Especially when you look as sexy as you do! ;)

    Love the FOTD!! The pics came out great! I hope the cam works better for you in the future!! ANd you and the BF are so adorable together! Great looking couple!

  25. i love the pictures and your eye make up technique. I also love the nails too!!! so cute!

  26. you look so kawaii!!! love your eotd and the nails are way tooo cute for words :)

  27. Wooo! i love that photo setting! it really does make skin look flawless! <3 it! and those nails... oh my goodness, cutness overload! haha! i could NEVER pull it off but i love it on YOU! have a great rest of the weekend!

  28. Okay, one thing about Yukiumi, I tried ordering contacts from them, they emailed me and told me they couldn't send them to me because I used a different shipping address. On the site it gives you the option to do that. But they didn't tell me that until I asked, why didn't I get my package? On their site it said thanks for ordering, it'll be there in two weeks. Then, their site says that if you email them they'll reply in less than 24 hours. I've been emailing them all week asking them to send the contacts to the billing address, wondering if they still charged the credit card, and wondering if I'll get the contacts. They are horribly unprofessionel, and if it's a possibilty by what you want elsewhere. I give them a -7 out of 5.


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