Monday, February 8, 2010

NOTD - Sakura Hime inspired ♥

Hello loves & new followers ♥
Here's a pic from the Cherry Blossom Festival craft fair we were at!
Our booth:

And here's the nails I did for the occassion.

These are done with the nails that I got with my Sanctuary Jewelry order... I filed them down and deco-ed them out (: I was really pleased with the outcome. Except I bought this Kiss brush-on nail glue, and it was really crappy! (I am not experienced with false nails & nail glue :S) Any little tap and the nail would fall off. I had to re-attach 3 nails that day.

I guess this is good AND bad because it's not reliable to stay on for long periods of time if you're working with your hands, but it's easy enough to remove without damaging your nails, and then the nails are reusable.

It's kind of an updated look from my Sakura bling nails. I wanted them to have a cutesy, princessy, hime-gyaru look.

The other unfortunate part was that idk if it's because I filed them too much or what, but they don't fit to the shape of my nails very well :( They are sized right when you look at them from the top, but they don't lay FLAT on my nails, and my real nails shows on one side of the fake nails. You can see what I mean if you look at my thumb below.

I guess I have to experiment with different fake nails to find just the right fit.

The thumb and the pinky nail fit the best though, and lay the most flat against my real nail.

Oh well, I still like how they came out :3

What I used:

3 coats OPI - Oh So Glam!
2 coats Ulta Super Sheer Nail gloss - Princess
2 coats Wet N Wild - Kaleidescope (for glitter gradient)
2 coats Rimmel Play Fast - Out There (for glitter gradient)
LA Colors Art Deco nail polish - White (for french tips)
Clear rhinestones & Konad nail art cherry blossom stickers
Nailene Acrylic Strong top coat

Ugh, I added that little extra into the picture, and I ALSO forgot to add I used NYX star glitter polish as well :P


  1. OMG! You are so talented! I love the cherry blossoms and jewels.

    My nails are just a pale pink right now -- a chipped pale pink at that! LOL!

  2. loooooooooooovin them nails. Way too cute for me but looks perf for you


  3. Those nails look so pretty!! You're so well-roundedly artistic (if that made sense... lol)

  4. The nails look cool :)

    Aww the Cherry Blossom Festival. I used to go every year and then I missed last year cuz of Japan and this year I missed it cuz of the drags. *sigh* Oh well. There's always next year. Do you go every year?

    Forgot to mention...a test every Friday?? Damn that's brutal. I used to have that too for one of my classes a few semesters ago. :S Good luck!

  5. Awww, those nails are so prettyyyyy. <3 Love 'em.
    Cold and freezy greetings from Finland. ^^
    ♥ Jenny

  6. Love the nails.. esp b/c I love sakuras!! :]

  7. aww they're beautiful!! so cute reminds me of hello kitty X
    please take a look at my blog since i'm new here :P just started blogging recently, i need tips!

  8. It looks really pretty - too bad it doesn't lay flat! Oh well.

  9. aw so cute~ love the colours and the decor^^~
    i like your ring too^^ xx

  10. the nails are adorable, love it!

  11. OMG... those are freaking gorgeous!!! I'm going to have to try something like that on my nails soon!!!

    I totally hear you about the fake nails thing. I've seen some really gorgeous pre-deco'd ones, but I haven't bitten yet. For one I'm really afraid of damaging my natural nails since you have to soak most of them off with acetone, but on the other hand, I can tell right from looking at most packages that their nails are totally the wrong size of mine! Like... the pinkie nail is too thin and curved but the thumbnail is 2-4mm too wide and too flat. Doesn't make any sense at all and the thought of filing those down just kills me LOL.

  12. wow you really deco-ed em out lol

  13. I'm loving the nail design skill!
    Super cute & dolly!

  14. I'm so scared to try press on nails. Last time I did it was a disaster. They fell off like within a few hours. I hear the Revlon nails are good so I wanted to try those.
    I want to go to a craft fair. I used to go all the time with my grandma. They were fun!

  15. I like what you did with the nails! & omg, I would have liked to buy one of those art work! (the on thing stopping me right now is the S&H. >___<)

  16. Ugh I hate that about fake nails! They never match up for me, cuz my nail beds are too small! But the KISS Real Short Perfect French Tips did pretty well for me!

    Love your deco! You're always so intricate with your designs! Hope you guys did well at your booth! Let me know if you ever come down for a Oahu CF! :)


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