Wednesday, December 30, 2009

NOTD - Sakura bliiing ♥ + BBP Nail polish remover review

Hey loves! Happy New Year in advance! It's still the 30th here in Hawaii.

Here's another hime-gyaru inspired nail art...
Sakura Bling! ♥

What I used! L-R
  • Rimmel Play Fast nail polish - 820 Out There (1 coat over NYX)
  • Wet N Wild Wild Shine - Kaleidescope (glitter nail tips)
  • Nailene Acrylic Strong top coat (2 coats over everything)
  • NYX Girls nail polish - Apricot (base, 2 coats)
  • Konad nail art stickers - Cherry blossoms
  • Rhinstones

Konad nail art stickers are LOVE! Overall I like how these turned out. I ♥ pretty pink, shiny, glittery, kawaiiness :3 The only thing was that the NYX is really sheer, wish it was darker but I was too lazy to do more coats. It's more pink in real life but reflects slightly gold from the Rimmel.

Also, I wanted to share this!

BBP Nail Polish Remover

I picked this up from Walmart on a whim, and I'm glad I did!

Price: $2.00

What they say:
  • Protein Enriched.
  • For Natural Nails.

Bye-Bye Polish Nail Polish Remover Is Formulated to Help Soften Cuticles and Add Strength and Resiliency For More Beautiful Nails.

The good stuff:

  • GIANT tub
  • Cheap!
  • Easy to use
  • Fast & Effective

The low-down:

  • None!

My take: I'm super glad I decided to pick this up. I've seen these before but never thought to try because I'd always though it would be expensive (lol). Before, I'd use endless cottonballs or ELF nail polish removing pads to do the job, but this is SO much easier AND cheaper! This tub is so huge, it'll never run out! It's also super easy to use and quickly and effectively removes nail polish, even glitter.

I was quite... amused (for lack of a better word) when I first tried this out. I think you'd have to actually use one for yourself to get the full effect of what I'm saying XD

Basically, you just stick your finger in the sponge (the container is full of nail polish remover... don't drop it on the floor!) and you're suppose to "twist". Because I had glitter on my nails though, it was more of an "up and down in and out" kinda motion to rub the glitter off. In all honesty, it's wet... soft... and... squishy in there. Add finger action to the mix......

LOL!!! I think I promised I will not taint you guys anymore since my previous NOTD was a teeny bit sexually explicit. I'll let you come to your own conclusions. (If you've been reading my blog long enough, you know my mind is in the perpetual gutter. Have you caught my drift yet?! XP) Yes, it's super awkward to use, but the main thing is that it's EFFECTIVE!

It only takes about 20 seconds max to get everything off each nail and it's a lot less messy than using cotton pads and getting fibers stuck all over your nails! Overall though, it is SUPER useful -- but it is not something I would use in front of other people. If they didn't know what it's for, they'd be like WTF are you doing?! haha XD


  1. Heeey that nail polish remover looks cool!! :)

    Yeah I was looking at the Neon Melon on Cherry Culture too! I saw it while looking for Nail Junkie :P It's on this site: (where I got all my Sinful Colors from) but it's more of a yellowish color on that site. :S Their pictures are pretty accurate. I'm planning on doing swatches of the polishes I got...but haven't gotten around to it yet (-.-;;) Hopefully sometime soon :)

    About the jewelry...I actually have made a few heart necklaces already. I'm gonna post those up soon. I wanna make some flower and star necklaces but I haven't quite found the right pendant finding that I want for them yet, so those will come later. Did you have any specific ones you were looking for?

    I started making a couple banners, but haven't found the time/energy to finish them (-.-;;) Story of my Thanks tho! I'll definitely let you know when I've got something done :)

  2. Very cute nails!!!

    And LMAO. The MUA Nail Board nicknamed those kind of tubs "the angry vajayjay." I think it's freaking hilarious. :D I've yet to get one... but man if they really take off polish in 20 seconds, I am so picking one up the next time I see one!

  3. I was reading your experience with the nail polish remover and I was like wth!. Crazy Girl! lol. Your nail's look adorable!.

  4. Ooh even glitter comes off?! I need to try this! And the sakuras look great! $2 from Walmart huh?! LOL!

  5. yes yes... very pretty NOTD.
    the lightning is muchhhhhh~~~~~~~~~ better now
    ^^ thank you!

  6. nice jobs on the nails, super bling and cute!

    happy new year

  7. So blingy and pretty! =D Happy New Year's!!

  8. lol FUNNY! naw i don't think it's too sexually explicit! Perhaps if you are a hardcore mormon or something hahaha. I do love this set of nails that you did, it looks so perfect and perfessional like the fake done up nails you can buy in the store. and thankss for your compliment, I actually don't mind Taylor Swift's music, I like her more popish songs than the country ones hehehe have a great New Years Eve hottie!

  9. Your nails are so pretty!

    & that nail polish remover is quite interesting! Seen it in a lot of shops but was quite sceptical about it since I thought it was just a gimmick thing but after reading this I will surely buy it next time! Uh well, when I finish the ever long lasting bottle of polish remover >_<


  10. LOL! i dont mind that it's awkward to use... because it looks amazing and easy to use! i've been waiting for a nail polish remover like this to come out of hiding and i'm glad i can easily pick one up at my local walmart :) thanks for the review!

  11. Prettttyyyyy! I just got a Konad plate with cute cherry blossoms on it too!
    I never thought of trying one of those polish remover tubs. I always thought it's be too messy but for $2 what's there to loose?!
    Maybe I'll go pick me up one next time I'm at Walmart.
    Happy New Years!!! <33

  12. That sounds super convenient! I'm such a lazy bum so I'm sure I'll be able to use that, lol.

  13. so cute! i love sakura's!!...

    LOL...dirty mind...

    I wonder if I can get that bbp thing in australia...sound sooo good for a lazy bum like me! haha

  14. your nails look gorgeous! happy new year :) :) :)

  15. awwww such a cute nail design... my fave is definitely the thumb and the middle finger!!

    and LOL at your gutter mind. it's okay... im pretty sure everyone's like that too, secretly ;)

    Happy New Year hun!!


  16. Love the nails Erynn!!! Hope you had a wonderful New Years!!!! All the best in 2010. :D

  17. This is sooo cool! I'd love to try stuff like this but my nails have to be boring for work :(

  18. your nails are so cute! Especially the last one you posted too :) I gotta find me some super cute nail sticker thingies! Any good websites? :D

  19. I'm a relatively new follower of your blog but I never commented until recently. I remember seeing this entry back then and I know you did an updated look but I just have to say I LOVE this nail design!! The flowers and the glitter <3.


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