Thursday, December 31, 2009

Your thoughts on... & Happy new year!

The Red Lip....
Can you rock it?!

My simple answer?
No :(

I've always been a conservative nude/natural person; definitely not one for bold, dark lip colors -- especially RED. A few nights ago (sorry for bad lighting ^^;) I tried some red just for fun, so here's my take on it. Overall, I love the look/ideal of the classic red lip but I personally would never be confident enought to wear it in public. I think it's the most flattering on super pale skin... which I do not have.

For example, if I paired a red lip with neutral eyes, I'd feel underdone and clownish with too much attention attracted to my mouth :/ If I paired it with smokey eyes, I'd feel overdone and like a vampy hooker :S

Some "ew's, aah's, and okay's" for thought:

What's your take on the red lip look?

Is it something you'd wear often? Sometimes? Never? Do tell!

KISSES! It's the last day of 2009 for me here in Hawaii. It's still only 3:30 PM... but 2010, here I come!

***Happy New Year!***


  1. Aww but I think the red lip really suits you especially since you don't have chapped lips or gross looking lips like me >_< I really want to start wearing red lipstick but to do that I gotta have a very clear skin and smooth and soft lips which I'm still tryna work on =_= so far it's still the same. I just hate dry skin! Ahh but who doesn't right? LOL

    Happy New Year to you too!


  2. Your nails are lovely! I'm always really envious of people who have awesomely nice nails :X

  3. u still look good with red lips,but for me,nude/natural all the way
    geezzz all those stars looks gorgeous with their red lips !hey they got one million bucks makuep

  4. Looks like you're rocking it just fine to me! LOL! I never can pull off red lips! LOL! My face looks weird! LOL!

  5. I used to wear red lipstick. I can't pull it off anymore...
    So I'm thinking it was when I had blonde hair?? I can't even remember.
    But I think asians have to go for the darker brown undertone reds cause the orange and pink toned ones make us look funny.
    But the red you're wearing looks so pretty! What is it??

    Very Happy New Years! The pyros I live around started New Years about 2 weeks early though. My car alarm goes off every other day because of the "bomb-like" fireworks they use. >___<'

  6. Everytime I see girls with red lippies, I think it's hot! you rock it as well, but I don't think I can ever pull it off... :S

    happy new year!

  7. I think the red looks really nice on you! Red lips intimidate me b/c I don't think I have the right coloring for it either. I've found pinks to work best for me so I stick to it hehehe.

    Happy 2010!!!

  8. I've got red lipstick but I've not come round to actually using it. It's kind of bold for me, I like my pinks ^^
    I guess it depends on how people have their make up as well.

    Erynn, it looks to me you are rockin' the red lipstick fine hun! Looks saucy ;)

    Happy new year. Have a great 2010!! xx

  9. happy new year hun!

    and red lips...hmmmm. i think i kinda look funny with it. i dont look sexy with red lips :( i like them but its not the best shade on me.

  10. you're not the only one who can't rock the red lipstick. I can't either since I am not pale. I wore it once for halloween with a smoky eye makeup and I looked ultra slutty (which was the point). I found someone who thinks just like me about red lipstick! =)

  11. The red lip seems to suit you fine! I actually prefer colorful lips to nudes for myself. Nudes seem to make my face look fatter ^^;;; I don't know how that works LOL

    I'd like to see a whole FOTD with the lips!! As for skin tone, I'm sure there's a good red that goes with your gorgeous tanned skin. The one you're wearing right now looks gorgeous~~ :D

  12. wow! you look great in this color!
    red lips are very sexy

  13. im with you on the red lip... i dont think ive EVER worn red lippy in my life. although ive seen tanned girls pull off the red, personally i just dont have the guts to go out in public with it on.

    nude/neutral/pinkish = looove.


  14. Aww, lol - that just means you haven't found the perfect red yet! (And I think it looks gorgeous on you in the pictures!)

    Happy New Year!! :D :D :D

  15. Love you are rocking them red lips!!.

    I never wear red, I never wear lipstick period. It's alway's been lip blam, or lip gloss. Once in a great while I would use the nude, neutral, and light pink's.

  16. You've got such pretty lips and the red looks great on you! I think it's just a matter of getting used to the boldness of the colour. I myself am not quite there yet. Ha ha!

    Have a fantastic 2010! :)

  17. the red lippie looks great on ya! ;) happy new year!

  18. Looks great on you!
    I don't like red lips on me. lol


  19. sexy! I really wish I could pull off the red lip but since I have very pale and unshapely lips, I can't :( Nude lips on the other hand, work for me

  20. I like to ROCK the red lip, but I am unsure if I'm ROCKING the red lip! haha, my boyfriend says it doesn't look good on me but I was like EFF YOU! hahaha, but I must admit, it looks a lot better then I smile with teeth because I guess my lips aren't very cute when I'm just sitting here? :/?! I still like red lips though, makes me feel egotistical LOL


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