Monday, December 7, 2009

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Smudge-proof eyeliner! (not liquid)

LOL Okay now I am curious about your liquid liner picks too :P I use NYX felt-tip liner pen (the best invention ever IMO) in jet black and dark brown. Super convenient, but my black one seems to be drying out :( It gives a super precise, dark line and when I first bought it, it lasted all day. Now however, the staying power seems diminished :(

I have been using Rimmel Exaggerate for about ~5 years now. It's great for me because it goes on super smooth, no pulling/tugging, is deep black, lasts long, and smudges VERY little. Recently though, I've been checking for it at Long's, but they don't have it?! I only find the pencil-pencil (not twist up), unless I'm not looking hard enough :(

The problem with this liner for me lately is that although it doesn't smudge off, it tends to disappear at the outer corner of my eyes after a few hours. Lately I've also tried to make NYX eyeliner and ELF Studio liner/shadow work for me but both smudge like crazy.

I've been interested in trying some new eyeliner. I've heard great AND horrible things about MUFE Aqua Eyes, Urban Decay 24/7, Revlon Colorstay, Almay eyeliner, etc. but I want to hear from all of yoU!

The qualities I look for in an eyeliner:
  • Goes on dark/buildable
  • Long lasting (not necessarily waterproof)
  • DOES NOT SMUDGE... okay, as little smudging as possible :P
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Inexpensive -- but price doesn't really matter, as long as it WORKS!

Product recs please! (:
What's your drugstore AND high-end HG eyeliner?


  1. I really like MUFE aqua eyes. Although I think no eyeliner ever is smudge proof, I think MUFE is the closet to being perfect. I'm have also tried UD and it smudged pretty bad. That's why I use cream/gel liners, they never budge & just use pencils to tightline.

  2. aww i was about to recommend the loreal lineur intense... buuut then i read the post title "not liquid" :P

    im not a big pencil/crayon fan.. i have oily lids anddd even the most smudgeproof liner smudges on me :(( loreal's lineur intense = super smudge proof, comes in black mica (which is super black black), anddd super easy to put on due to its felt tip applicator (unlike other liquid eyeliners).

    if i want really dramatic eyes though, i use Avon's ultra luxury eye liner in black. not sure if youve tried that buut it definitely has the qualities youre looking for in a pencil eyeliner :)
    ... super super cheap too, reg price is 5.99$ buuut goes on sale quite frequently for $2 :D


  3. i love the Loreal Lineur Intense. its a liquid eyeliner though.. :( but! it makes putting on eyeliner super easy. no tugging of the eye. and i think it lasts long.. i wore it in the rain yesterday and it still looked great. (rain meaning, soaking wet, walking to school with no umbrella.) haha

    i gave up on pencil liners cus they are all smudgy!

  4. My two favorite are Urban Decay's 24/7 Eye Pencil in "Zero" (if this counts as high end :D) and Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner Pencil (for drugstore). I love how creamy and smooth and buildable they are. I wouldn't say there is NO SMUDGING but smudging is managed to a minimum IMO. Not a hassle and no raccoon eyes!

  5. I am looking for one too!! I currently use the Prestige WP in granite and UD 24/7 in Stash, but they still both smudge a good bit on my lower lashline...

  6. Loreal HiP definitely. The pencils kind. I have yet to try the cream liners.

    Its a very good dupe of MUFE imo and smudge way less. MUFE tends to smudge quite a lot after a while on me.

    I love MAC fluidline in blacktrack too but it smudges like mad if you use it on your lower eye. I only use it for my upper lid cuz I use eyetape and that is the only eyeliner that goes on perfectly on tape. But Loreal HiP cream eyeliner is similar to MAC according to my sister and costs a buck less I think.

  7. I loooove Rimmel's Exaggerate too! And yeah, I just went to Longs recently and I didn't see it! :(

    I've been using MISSHA's pencil eyeliners while I try to find more Rimmel Ex, but they're can get troublesome at times.

    I also like MAC's waterproof fluidline. Like Hana said though, can't really put it on the lower eye. And I've heard good things about the Loreal Lineur Intense too. I've been meaning to check that out, but I keep forgetting :S

    Thanks for doing a post on this. I've been wanting to find a good non-smudge one too. Eyeliners smudge like crazy on my my shadows under my eyes :(

  8. I only use the Revlon Colorstay but those can tug on your eyes a bit though - but my favorite color is blackberry... I think that's the name... and yeah, I love that thing!

  9. yeah ELF smudge for me too. I don't think I ever encounter a smudge proof eyeliner hmm, then again if there is such a thing that it's 100% smudgeproof it'd be a b*tch to get it off! If you find one let me know though :D

  10. I would love to hear all the recommendations too! Everything I try always tends to disappear off my eyelids. I pretty much gave up on trying to find something that would stay put. Even "Waterproof, smudge proof" eyeliners do not stay on me. I finally came to a conclusion that me and eyeliner will never get along =(

  11. hmmm i hardly line my eyes cuz i'm so lazy!! but the if i do i use a black gel liner or mufe aqua eyes, but i hear there are some really good drugstore ones but i have yet to try

  12. I think it'll be MUFE aqua eyes, Urban Decay 24/7, and probably my MAC pearlglide liner! :) Those really last all day especially the MAC one but it's not flat black, it has like sparkly stuff in it so I don't like it because in some lighting it looks green o_O!! And for drugstores I use revlon colorstay and for some reason now it started to smear on me... or maybe it was me doing it but I don't realize it?! (could be because of that LOL)

    I love the revlon colorstay liquid liner & liquid pen liner. The linear intense was one of the first ones I used back in highschool and it was prety amazing too! :) I also liked the sephora one I got for free this one time because it was really black! ^_^ PENULTIMATE is amazing too.. ahhhh, I could go on about liquid liners because they are my loveeee

  13. honey, we all in the same boat!

    im currently using the MAC fluidliner, its a gel type (i think,lol). Smudges, only a little.overall, im loving it.

    As for pencils, gosh..where shld i start.I've tried so many, from loreal to u-named-it. It all smudges like crazy. But last yr, i bought 1 from STAGE, the kohl pencil, super black & it doesnt really smudges (which is a good thing!)

    And i envy all those Arabian's eyes.Sexy with all those non-smudge black eyeliner/kohl. But i'm not crazy enough to fly off just to get their eyeliner!

  14. i don't know if you have it there, but my fave liquid eyeliner is from Face Shop (Korean brand, methinks). It doesn't smudge, but it's not waterproof so it washes off easily when you feel like not using makeup remover.

    i don't really use pencil liners because i find them really difficult to use for some reason. weird, huh? hahaha

  15. Ah I adore Rimmel Exaggerate, it doesn't tug like Revlon Colorstay. :/ Prestige's Total Intensity Eyeliner in deepest black is AMAZING! It's extremely cheap, about $5 or $6? But it's so difficult for me to get because everytime I go to Walgreens or any drugstore to get it, it's always out :/ It glides on so easily and it's really creamy. When they say "deepest black", they mean it, it's amazing. You don't even need to apply much pressure[:
    Now for high-end? I used to use MUFE Aqua Eyes but now that I've found Prestige, it's like FORGET THAT :D lol.

  16. Aww! I started having the problem with my lovely NYX liquid liner too. It doesn't even come out of the pen anymore. So I bought a bunch of felt tip drugstore liners. Best so far is the Loreal Lineur Intense. LOL. Like lisaa__ said ^^^

    I got the Loreal HIP chrome black liner it's smudge proof but not good on the waterline.


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