Monday, December 14, 2009

Mail love from Wuzzy, Julie & Sam ♥

Hope you're not getting tired of my love package posting hehe

Love from Wuzzy!

Hawaii blogger love! ♥ I was eyeing this beauty book she had in her blog sale for awhile, finally decided to get it! I love reading + beauty books. Add asian girls to that and I'm sold haha! So far it covers all the basics, a good read (: Loving all the pictures especially. I also got a sample of Skinfood Mushroom multicare BB Cream! Been wanting to try it for the longest time. Who knows, maybe I'll have to replace my Skinfood Ginko Green :O She also gave me some samples ♥

I ♥ Wuzzy! If you aren't hooked on her blog already, get goin!

My order from Glam, Sparkle, & Pop
came in today too! These super kawaii creations are made by the talented miss Julie of Pop Champagne! Thank you so much! I ♥ her cause she's super real, down-to-earth, writes the best celeb smack-talk, and shares my love of drooling over hot (semi-naked) girls (; I ordered 3 bows: dotted bow, zebra bow, and vintage bow but she also gave me the super cute headband at the top, yummy goodies, and Clinique e/s! Plus super sweet thoughtful note ^^

How lovely are these?! Thank you so much Julie!!!

Love from Saaaaam!

I swapped her my Smashbox lip exfoliator for her Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner in Zero! Love! Thanks to her, I get to try it out. Yay! She also wrote a super sweet note ^^ If you haven't discovered her blog yet, check out this drop dead GORGEOUS girl at Saaammage!

Glides on smooth, dark, & lasts long. So far, so awesome! Thanks love!


  1. Hi..those are some pretty bows u got there. Cool blog..I don't know where to start reading :)


  2. ohhh i have that eyeliner! love it ^_^

  3. Awww goodies! Just in time for Xmas! :)

    Yes, please cuddle me. It's cold... and now I'm sick too! :( Wah wah!

    I want to visit Hawaii so badly. Where abouts are you?


  4. I love wuzzy & Julie! Awesome girls :)
    I love reading your blog hunay, your entries are so sweet and energy packed... Saves me from boredom in school all of the time.

    I'm glad your enjoying the liner! :)

  5. woohoooo! love all the packages! and you're right.. julie totally writes the best celeb smack talk. hahaha! happy tuesday <3

  6. ok! I might need that beauty book, or something like it! haha... julie's stuff is so cute!


  7. Julie's gifts look so so amazing ! i love her bows so much :)

  8. wowww... sooo jealous, youve been getting a looot of mail lovin lately ;)

    the only things i get in the mail are junk mail anddd credit card apps ugh


  9. Awww, awesome goodies! I've actually been super interested in reading that book too!!

  10. nice loot! Hope you found a liner that is gonna work for you!

  11. Ooh, that book looks really interesting and I love your Glam, Sparkle, & Pop goodies! :D

  12. I love the marshmallow thing pop sends everyone! haha, I think it's yummy :) and I'm loving the 24/7 pencil right now.. it's just really easy to apply in a moving car compared to my usualy liquid liners :X

  13. LOL glad you liked everything! Thanks so much again for buying! :) And how cute are those bows!! :)

    Haha had to type my note to you, cuz my handwriting has been less then readable lately! LOL!

  14. Everything looks great! I used to have that Asian Beauty book too...not sure where it went to though. Might be somewhere in the mess of my room at my parents' house. lol.


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