Sunday, December 6, 2009

ELF Mini makeup collection review & swatches

I've talked about this mini makeup collection a few times and reviewed it awhile back. Here's a revisit, this time with swatches! (:

Price: $15 (I got it free with promo code BLOGHER)

What they say: The convenient makeup collection for eyes, lips and face that allows you to be your own makeup artist whenever, wherever. An all-in-one compact including the must have makeup essentials. Create any look that reflects your personal style. The small sleek design is great for on the go beauty touchups.

Mini Includes: 9 eyeshadow shades, 1 cream eyeshadow shade, 1 blush, 1 bronzer, 10 lip gloss shades, 1 brow powder, 1 eye liner pencil, 1 dual ended eyeshadow appliacator and brush, 1 face brush, 1 lip brush

Dimensions: Mini Closed - 4"L x 4"W x 1"H, Mini Open - 8"L x 5"W x 1"H

The good stuff:
  • Sleek design, big mirror included
  • Great value when it's FREE
  • Everything has excellent pigmentation
  • Convenient, nice size
The low-down:
  • Brushes are basically useless
  • Can get a bit messy
  • Packaging feels kind of easy to break
My take: I'm so glad I got this free as I wouldn't want to pay $15 for it. Overall, I like this kit A LOT. The best part is the e/s... the pigmentation of the eyeshadows is GREAT. The shadows are supposed to be the same as the new studio singles, so I'd expect it to be pretty good. They are also relatively long lasting and there's a wide variety of shades. There's also lots of lippies but I don't care too much for them... other people might like them though. To me they are smooth but waxy, don't last long, taste gross, and dry out my lips. The brush/bronzer is the same as the singles... the color is just gorgeous. Some bloggers have mentioned it as a NARS Orgasm/Laguna dupe. The brow powder works great, just as good as my Sephora one. The eyeliner is pigmented relatively well but it is waxy. The included little accessories are cute but flimsy. Overall though, this is a great steal when you get it free!



  1. Girl, I freaking LOOOVVVEEE your blog! :] super kawaii stuff in here and its PINK! :D Great review! Keep up the good work! You are such an inspiration :) *hugs*

  2. Wooo! It sounds great! I'll have to try picking it up sometime.

    Thanks for letting me know about the seller! That'll be great to keep for future reference :)

  3. Oh yeah, so you're shipping it over from Oahu? Yeah, shipping cars can be pretty horrible. My grandpa shipped his Tacoma to Oahu last year and it was in perfect condition when it left...and arrived on Oahu with a huuuuuge scrape down the whole side of it, with a missing side mirror. :S It was horrible.

    Ugh, and yeah, my car's already got a few dings and scratches from when the previous owner had it, but they're barely noticeable. That's where a new paint job will come in later on. :) Yeah, I might ask my dad to repaint it but my car's always on the road so I dunno when that'll be. lol. :) Good luck with the painting! Can't wait to see what color it'll be. I'll make a guess and say...white! ;)

  4. Thanks for all the swatches! Those e/s do look pretty pigmented!

  5. wooow it looks really nice
    many nice colors
    i like it!

  6. the shadows look pretty, it's a big plus that they are giving this away for free!! thanks for the swatches

  7. eww lip palettes! I hate those, they get all yucky and stuff :( But overall that's a good deal for free :) And I BET those brushes are useless! LOL, they look so stiff o_O!


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