Thursday, December 10, 2009

Mail love from Mai ♥

Yay, I was so glad to get a super awesome package from Mai today! She makes lovely swarovski crystal jewelry (be sure to check out .maitai jewelry!) We are swapping handmade creations... and I am behind on the charms, I'm so sorry :( Here is what she sent me . . .

Handwritten note ♥ and lovely wrapping! For those who don't read katakana, it's says (e-rin) "Erynn"

So cute pouches!

Clear AB & Peridot Chained Stars

Crystal AB Heart on a Chain.... I FREAKING LOVE THESE. Please excuse my disgusting chipping nailpolish and practice konad stampage :P

And she was so sweet to also give me cute black star studs!!
Sparkly, shiny, goodness.

Thoughtful note ^^ And it is no surprise she has really nice handwriting (: Hiragana reads "arigatou" (thank you)

AND she even sent me some Aztec healing clay to try!! I love clay face masks, can't wait to try this out.

Dangly love ♥

I took a million pics trying to get the lighting right to catch the beautiful reflects these earrings give off but I fail miserably XP I love love everything, and these are my def. fave!

Thank you so much Mai!!! ♥
If you want your own gorgeous jewelry pieces, don't forget to check out .maitai jewelry!


  1. Yaay! The jewelry looks great! I'm glad you like them :)

  2. Looks great! Love the earrings on you!! And her handwriting is too clean! :)

  3. Wow..those are really cute earings , so lovely and they look really pretty on u ^^

  4. I love the color scheme she sent you! :) Everything is beautiful! ^_^

  5. awww they are so cute, i love the star pouches!

  6. wow great color combo for those earrings :D And man you got such greatttt skin!

  7. i have the star ones too, i love them! yay mai! haha! and uhmm yeah, my shirts better get to you in less than 3 weeks (unlike last time! haha) have a fantabuloso weekend ect<3

  8. what a nice treat. they are super cute and so is the packaging :)

  9. Love your new swarovski bling, sweetie! So pretty *^_^*


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