Saturday, December 12, 2009

Mail love from Serenie, iQQU, & geo lens preview

More mail love today! Bought/swapped for some stuff from Serenie! She's another super sweet and awesome Hawaii blogger ^^ Check out her blog & youtube HimeElTigreGo! It's a good thing we both have small feet :3 I bought 2 pair of super kawaii shoes, China Glaze nail polish in Blue Sparrow, and 2 NYX round lipgloss in Doll Pink and Real Nude. BUT! She was so sweet and generous to also give me a L'Oreal Lineur Intense!! Crazy because today I was just debating if I should buy it or not at Long's, and I came home and there it was! Thank you SO MUCH Serenie! ♥ (:

Fell in freaking LOVE with these shoes... they're just too cute & makes me feel all hime and sweet just looking at them ^^ Now I just have to figure out when I will EVER wear them HAHA

Swatches L-R: Doll Pink, Real Nude, L'Oreal Lineur Intense black mica

China Glaze Blue Sparrow

Here's Real Nude on lips.... love it!

Doll Pink is really a bright barbie fuschia pink... the camera didn't pick it up. Not something I would feel too comfortable wearing out XD since I'm more of a nude/natural person, but it's still pretty~ makes me feel like Katy Perry haha

For reference, Real Nude is somewhat between Whipped and Natural. I'm loving it more than either of those ATM =]

I am still awaiting my replacement tube of iQQU Advance Sunscreen -_- something tells me I will not get it -___- Well anyways, I ordered the Jasmine Rice Scrub! I have not tried it out yet, but it smells super good! Like rice cakes. Can't wait to try it out. It kind of bugs me though that mineral oil is the second ingredient... it can clog pores/cause irritation. But I'll have to test and see how it goes.

And I just got sent Geo Twins (Honey & Green) from Geo Eye Candy! ♥ Can't wait to try them out! Couldn't do it today though since I had the worst experience :( I was washing my face with St. Ive's apricot scrub and I think a little exfoliant particle got in my eye.. It was so sore and every time I blinked it was like scratching my eye! So I tried flushing out my eye for seriously around 10 minutes straight. But when I look there was nothing in my eye -_- But still every time I blinked the whole day (until now) felt like something scratching my eye, very painful! :( So I hope to try these on tomorrow!


  1. awww cute shoes !!
    i LOVE the pink ones !:)

  2. Such cute shoes! <3 look at those hearts!

  3. Hi ^^

    can you tell me what solution you use for your circle lenses?

    Thanks!! ^^

  4. LOVE THE SHOES!! :D good luck with the Lineur Intense!!

  5. those shoes are super adorable!!! I have yet to try any IQQU products but was curious about that rice scrub so please do a review soon :)

  6. IQQU!!! how is the brand?! I'm so curious about it, because well... michelle phan is fab!!! I've been reading her blog for quite a long time already, so I'm really wondering about IQQU products!


  7. ^___^
    I'm glad you like everything!! ♥ The shoes look so cute on you!!!
    IQQU! I'm gonna try some of their products out next time I get paid!

  8. Wow, okay those pinky shoes are so awesome! I love them! I have yet to try those NYX lipglosses - even though they are incredibly cheap!

  9. those pink shoes are CUTE ahh i want them!

  10. I really like the blue heels-they look so cute and hot!

  11. awww... that pink lacey shoes are simply lovely.

  12. awww the blue pumps are sooo cute... and im not even into hime style!

    ooooh the nyx lip glosses look good! i looove the real nude... it's soo, really nude lol. i finally found a store here that carries nyx (without the overpricing) sooo ill definitely check these out :)


  13. omg the shoes are SOOO CUTE!!!

    I can never find shoes like those in shops and all those that I do find online are always way too small for me. The perils of being tall :C


  14. OMG those shoes are soooooo cute!!!

    Check out my blog too if you want :)

  15. those shoes!!! omg, they're adorable!!!

  16. Oh I love those baby blue heart pumps! So cute!! And the lippie looks so sexy! The only thing I'll use that has mineral oil in it is my NYX Concealer in a Jar, and that's only cuz I use it under my eyes only! LOL! Let us know how it works though!

  17. I'm loving the blue shoes! :) Hope the iqqu product works out for you ^_^

  18. hahaa...if i could, i'd steal your baby blue heels!!! the little white heart makes them so adorable!!! 8)

    where did you get them btw?


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