Friday, December 11, 2009

Ezzie, Kym, & Eki mail love ♥ [pic heavy!]

It was like early christmas today... :3

Love from Ezzie of Ezziebell Jewelry... she makes the most gorgeous pieces EVER, do check out her site!

So sweet card =) Love the little doodle!

I fell in fCking LOVE with the Pretty Bow Necklace... LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!!! Such a lovely combo of lots of my fav things... bows, hearts, & crowns =)


Super sweet couture Charmed Bows earrings... makes me feel like a princess ♥

Thank you SO MUCH Ezzie!
I will take pix of me wearing the jewelry soon hehe XD If you haven't fallen in love yet, check out EZZIEBELL JEWELRY!

Love from KYM! We all know Kym and her fantabulous HERROHACHI shirts! Had to get my hands on her "Status Updates" tee... which is my point exactly why I don't do FB/twitter. I was on twitter for a record 2 days before it dawned on me... seriously, what's the point?! Just waiting for the rest of the world to get over it and move on to the next ridiculous internet trend :P

I love Kym because not only is she super awesome, she feeds me candy ♥ Plus I will have to attempt this cupcake recipe soon, coz I love Nutella!

SERIOUSLY!!! I do not want to know you "just got up" or boinked your man or whatevers. Nobody cares!

My ass says "Herro?" :3
thought that was such a cute touch

I was able to assist in the designing of this shirt! :D I drew a cupcake, which Kym turned into this scrumptious masterpiece. Herro cupcake?

Funny thing is, when I wore this shirt, it stretched into a... pie. Herro pie!

2 New additions to my Herrohachi tee family ♥ Thank you Kym! If you have not already, get yourself your own! HERROHACHI

Gorgeous hime love from EKI
♥ If it's not obvious already, I am a constant buyer of Ekilove items. I can NEVER resist the new things she comes out with! Everything is so kawaii made with love and care!

Haaaad to get this coinpurse. Pink, white, lace, bows, rilakkuma = LOVE. And you know I cannot pass up a strap with a giant crown & heart =) She also sent me LE caramel Kit KAt which I devoured ^^ lipbalm, and MBD mask to try!

Adorable! So pretty pink silky fabric on the inside too, forgot to take pic -_-

LOVE! I've collected... 4? Of Eki's straps so far, saving them to put on some bags I'm planning to buy (;

Thank you so much Eki!
♥ I cannot wait for what you create next! If you want hime accessories, be sure to go to EKILOVE!

Thank you everyone for the mail love, this really made my day as it is the first day of *that time* OTM and I was too sick feeling to go to work (I'm talking fetal-position cramps). So I was home to enjoy all of your packages! I'm so happy to have met such wonderful and talented people thru blogger!


  1. Ezzie's necklace and earings are really beautiful, Kym makes the best t-shirts ..I really love ur cupcake design ^^
    Eki's creations are so kawaii, those are all such lovely stuff u got.

  2. Never have I seen such CUTE things!!!!! I would take these items over Juicy any day!!!!!

  3. I love the cupcake T from Kym, I want that one too, and the 2 ninjas! so cute! looks great on you dear!

    have a great weekend

  4. ooooh i love the shirt! i love eki's packaging, its sooo adorable! looove ezzie and her jewelry!!!

  5. what a cute haul! i love the necklace from ezzie, it's adorable!

  6. Awe I think the love packages that get sent through blogger fams are so sweet. I really love those t-shirts... I am a t-shirt fanatic and I'll def. be looking into these cute tees!

  7. Everything u got is so so cute! I loved Ezzie's Ribbon Necklace so much, its so so pretty! and Eki's straps are so hime & gorgeous too :) dang, makes me wana splurge!!

  8. Whoa talk about great mail! LOL! Love those Tshirts!! So cute!! And they all look great on you! And I LOVE EKi's stuff! I wish I had more money to buy from her more. The last thing i got from her was bows from when she first started!

  9. lovely post!
    I also wore that herrohachi shirt today :D It's super gorgeous on you hun.
    OOO! Eki goodies <3 I've been fiending a pouch for soo soo long.
    Great pictures and haulage... lol

  10. Wow, so much awesome stuff, I LOVE the status updates shirt LMAO!!!

  11. YAYYYYYYYY!!! I am so relieved they got to you! That color actually looks pretty good, i may have to get more of it. I'm so glad you got the whole "herro?" thing and the placement.. that was EXACTLY my thinking... i'll put it on the bottom so it looks like people's asses are saying "herro?" hahahah! yaheahhhh i'm so happy! let me know when you try the recipe! :)


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