Sunday, December 6, 2009

Tsumori Chisato for Shu Uemura & awkward story

So I know I'm super late at jumping on the Tsumori Chisato for Shu Uemura Holiday Collection bandwagon, but I just couldn't help myself! I am enamored with the packaging. I LABORED over deciding if I should get something or not. Since most of you know that I love love LOVE anything CUTE, but hate hate HATE pricey cosmetics, this was a tough decision for me (Uhm, hello? $25 for a lipstick?!)

I ultimately decided to order the Tsumori Chisato Limited Edition Rouge Unlimited Jupiter Brown. The name "Jupiter Brown" was immediately a huge turn-off. However, after reading several reviews, it seems to be a nice natural pinky-brown with gold shimmer... good for most skintones. Either way, if I hate the color, I can be content just staring at the packaging with a stupid smile on my face. It's just that cute.

December special: enjoy complimentary shipping with your holiday 2009 collection product purchase. no promo code required.

- - - And here's something I just HAD to share - - -

This is one of the most random, awkward, and weird things that I have ever experienced.

Last week at work, an old, chubby, beared caucasian man came into our gallery. He had one of those medical/hospital bracelets around his wrist(!). He walks up to the counter, where there was a big gyotaku fish print lying on the table.

Man: *Laughs* We ate that fish for dinner!
Me: O_o
Man: We named him Herbie!
Me: O____o

My dad came out to see what was going on.

Man: Have you ever been to Wake Island?
My dad: No?
Man: Yeah, there's a bunch of goony birds there. I feel real sorry for them. I saw one fly into a tree! And it's toungue was all hanging out and I didn't know what I should do with it. But it got up and flew away. But those birds are almost extinct now. Something in the water...
My dad: O__o

He walked around the gallery for 10 minutes.

Man: This is nice artwork. Do you make any of this?
My dad: No, it's from various artists.

5 minutes later...

Man: This is nice artwork. Do you make any of this?
My dad: No...

At this point, we're totally bewildered.
My dad goes back to work, and grabs a moulding corner sample.

Man: Is that a BOOMERANG?
My dad: No, it's a moulding corner sample.
Man: What?!

He proceeded to walk around inside for a little while longer, then went outside and walked around in front of our shop for another 10 minutes. Then he crossed the street, got into a truck, and drove away.

Did this guy escape from the loony bin??


  1. I ordered the Shu Uemura lippie last night :)

  2. Oh that packaging is LOVE!!!

    That guy was prob a mental patient or something. Your dad should've asked for his name and got a good looksie at the hospital tag. Or he can call 911 and give them his description and how he was acting. Maybe a hospital is looking for him?

  3. OoOo I love the packaging too! :D

    haha yeah, I was going to name it "Strawberries Wild" but then I decided on "Kiwi Watermelons" ;)

    Oh yeah, thankfully they paid for the damages to the truck.

    Are you guys selling one of your cars to buy the Beamer?

  4. haha maybe the guy was lonely and likes to talk to pretty young girls! Most older men does for some reason huh... Thanks for your comment btw! And of course I will join your giveaway, I keep on forgetting cuz there's so much at work these days -_- BUT i wrote a sticky note that's on my monitor now so I will for sure post it in my next post! :D

  5. btw just to let you know I shipped your package off last friday :) Because of Christmas traffic it might take you a bit longer to get it let me know when you do!

  6. lol@ the story

    the packaging is really adorable, i've been wanting stuff from this collection myself but managed to held back!

  7. blegh... they've stopped selling shu uemura here in the Netherlands, and I really want a limited edition palette from this collection! booh!


  8. btw... yeah that guy is probably a lunatic, total weirdoooo!

  9. oooo this is nice artwork, did you make any of this erynn? how's your monday? ooo nice artwork, did you make any of this?!? hahahaha crazy man.

  10. I hate crazy weirdos like that! It makes me not want to run the front... but then when I see eye candy it's like *drools* why wasn't I up there running it!?!? hahah xD

  11. he makes a for a good story at least!

  12. hahahaha that's a pretty funny story

  13. That lipstick is adoorable.. love cats! I probably won't be getting this though :\ it is pricey indeed.. and I'm trying to shop cruelty free =)def a good find to add to your collection though!

  14. Hey beautiful! No problem at all! Your blog is so much fun to read, I just had to follow.

    That is a hilarious story... I don't think I could have kept myself from saying something to him after that much craziness. Don't worry, I was late jumping onto that collection too.. I remember when I first saw it...O_O it's pricey but cute!

  15. yayy you got the lippie too!!! :) it's too adorable to pass up! hehehe <3


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