Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I'm back ♥ NOTD + hauls [pic heavy]

Hello loves & new followers! I'm back from Oahu with a few things to share ♥

Glad to say that the shipping nightmare is over and the new toy should be arriving tomorrow! Last week I finally got around to yanking out my tail lights (one had a crack on the bottom) and stealing swapping em for the boytoy's pristine ones. Effed my poor, brittle nails in the process... which I guess was good, because they'd been needing a new look!

Hime-gyaru inspired NOTD

What I used:
- 2 coats OPI "Oh So Glam!"
- 1 coat Ulta Super sheer nail gloss "Princess"
- 1 coat Wet N Wild "Kaleidescope" glitter
- 1 coat Nailene acrylic strong topcoat
- Konad nail art rhinestone stickers

It turned out a metallic milky pink w/ silver glitter. Looks like doodoo in the pix but a lot nicer in real life. My fav part was the nail art stickers, I bought them from the craft fair I wrote about awhile ago and they are SO CUTE!

Unfortuneately they do not last very long, even with top coat, unless I needed to add a lot more :/ I've had them on for only 3 days and plenty of the stones are peeling off :(

↓ My favorite was my thumb ^^

Onto hauls! ♥
Sorry if you don't like reading long posts, I interspersed with some mini overviews about my thoughts on the products :P

From Don Quijote:
  • Sana concealer (light beige)
    This is really lightweight and goes on smooth. Coverage is sheer but I haven't worked with it enough to know if I like it or not... it's just so cute!
  • Shiseido Water in Lip lipbalm (Unscented & Raspberry)
    Super smooth and creamy, moisturizing. The pink one smells great!
  • 24hour waterproof eyebrow pencil & liquid
    Idk the brand but it was expensive -_- haven't used it yet but I did swatch it on my hand, rubbed it around and it didn't budge! Promising!
  • 3 NYX nail polishes There's extras for a reason (;
  • NYX cupcake gloss... they're just so cute! There's extras for a reason (;
  • 3 NYX round lipstick (Orange soda) There's extras for a reason (;Creamy & lovely slight peachy nude ♥
  • Kanebo Naive facial cleansing foam (aloe)This stuff is super creamy and rich and leaves my skin feeling ultra-squaky clean. Smells good too.
  • Hair brush
  • Gatsby hair dye for the MisterJapanese dye is pretty much the shit. His hair is now exactly the same color on the box.
  • 2 Pairs Red Cherry falsies
  • Don Quijote spray hand sanitizer
    Cause I can't resist the DonKi penguin XD
  • Don Quijote lip balm

From Sephora:
  • I ♥ Sephora brush set.
    Saw it in a magazine and fell in love. Have not used yet, but the bristles are super soft!
  • Philosophy Purity made simple one-step facial cleanser (not pictured).
    I expected to be WOWED with this cleanser for some reason... but to me, it was just Okay.

From iKandy:
  • Pink cupcake charm = SO KAWAII!
  • Turquoise heart throb tee. I am no "heart throb" :P but it was one of the few size smalls she had. I love it though!

Represent ♥

From Marukai mart:
  • 3 Rilakkuma/Korilakkuma folders. Yay!
  • Falsies... wanted to try them out. I donno the brand.
  • Mini wet wipes... again, one of those things that's just so cute, you have to get it.
  • Dr. Grip Korilakkuma pen. Another $12 wasted (I just bought a similar one), but I just can't help myself! ~_~

And now, what I REALLY went up for...
From Nordstrom Rack:

I've been needing an actual wallet even though I don't carry much cash around... lovesit!

I bought this earlier today and deeply regret it, as later in the day I came upon the Heritage Crest Baby Fluffy at Nordstrom... and decided to pass it up because I had already gotten this bag ;_; *tear* so if anyone has one of the aforementioned bag and would want to sell, PLEASE lmk :(

From LeSportsac:

I love leopard print (and any animal print)

And PENGUINS, of course! Been eyeing this print for awhile now ^^ This bag is super spacious! It has 3 big compartments + lotsa pockets

I have drooled over
Kidrobot hoodies, bags, & toys for the longest time (I really want a Labbit!) and finally got on my 1st Kidrobot bag, yay! And I found it at Ross for deals! (even though I stood in line for more than 30 min)

And... my new love ♥
What can I say... it was love @ first sight (not for my wallet). I am not much of a fan of the Heritage Stripe collection but this just called to me. The interior is pink too *dies*

I hope you don't think I only thought of myself on this trip :P I bought a lotta junk for the Mister too.. he is sucha spoiled brat but I do like to spoil my boy so that's no help either *sigh* ♥ Oh and there's a Victoria's Secret now! I went in but the lines were SOOO long so I didn't get to buy anything :(

I hope you're all having a great week, and Merry Christmas in advance!


  1. Welcome back!!!

    Love your haul! So muchhhhhhh, wish I could go buy myself some stuff but I'm so lazy to go out and they don't have the things I want in the shops these days T_T *sad times*

    I love the cupcake charm and the top! So adorable <3


  2. Those nails are beautiful! Great job xoxo

  3. Merry X'Mas babes. U got the crocodile sana concealor! i love it cause it is so smooth and makes a great base for eye makeup!

  4. OMG... you bought such great stuff. Lovin that Coach bag. Hope you have a very Merry Christmas

  5. pretty nails & lovely hauls.....have a merry christmas....

  6. watchu talkin' about? you ARE a hearthrob! heheh! :) seriously... if i could be half as good at nails as you, that would be enough for me. hahah! merry christmas erynnn!!!!! <3

  7. oh wow awesome haul i am esp. loving the juicy bag :) lots of goodies. the nails are love. super cute i wish i can do that to my nails, but i dont have the patience for it, haha. have a happy holiday :)

  8. Erynn, Merry Christmas!

    and all the hauling wooaahh!!! love the little cupcake charm, mad cute!!


  9. ahhh such lovely hauls! <3 lovin the nails too! i know those sticker decals never last long :/ its always good to have a glitter nail polish handy

  10. your nails are so kawaii and awesome hauls!

    merry christmas!

  11. Lovely haulage! And such bling bling nails girl! Next time you come down for sure we are meeting up! LOL! Even if it is just a Daiei (DQ) food court! LOL!

    The Naive Grapefruit Cleanser is one of my faves!

  12. ur haul is so cute ^^,,,*sigh* i hate xmas rush...lines at the registers are crazy long and people are scary at sales ~_~ i stayed home and bought stuff online instead ahahah

  13. AHH! That iKandy shirt is too cute!!! I have the first and second Heart Throb "edition" shirts. But the color of yours is way cute!!
    The nails so KAWAIIIIII. And I realized your ring looks ALMOST like mine but better. LOL. I'll take a picture of my holiday nails soon.
    Thanks for telling me the bra sizes run funny cause they had a load of 34B so hopefully they fit!
    What kind of car did you get?!?!

  14. Wooow you got such nice stuff!! I love that Coach purse, what a beauty. :)Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!!! ^_^

  15. Woooow - fabulous hauls!! I freaking adore that cupcake keychain! It looks soooo cute with your new Coach!! Love it!! :D :D :D

  16. aaaaw lucky!! love your nails, the charm and the bags!

  17. lucky you! i love your nails, the keychain and the bags!

  18. I'm in love with your juicy wallet! I need to scope out the nordstrom rack in my area :)


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