Thursday, February 11, 2010

Formspring Q&A, Award/tag from Khris & Love package from Stacy! ♥

What are your hobbies? Other than blogging? :D by hellodenysia
Graphic/web design! :D Photography, reading, crafting, nail art & decoden, sleeping... eating... lol XD

is that how your name is really spelled? "Erynn"? Hahah, that is so cute if it's trueYes, that's how it's really spelled (: My parents wanted the "ynn" from my mom's name, Lynn.

So inevitably,

I get people trying incredibly awkward pronounciations and spellings of my name. Pronounciation-wise, I get "Aaron" a lot, mostly from guys that for some reason can't pronounce it like the name "Erin." I also get "Erwin" or "Err--in" sometimes... and one time, this substitute teacher pronounced it something like "Er-o-in"... but it sounded more like "Heroin" :/ Spelling-wise, I ALWAYS get "Erin." Sometimes, "Erinn" or "Eryn" and one time, "Eyrnn." Lol. It's spelled with a Y, people!

Also, the lovely miss Khristine
was so nice to pass this award on to me! Thanks girl!
Be sure to check out her blog, she's such a sweetheart! ♥

RULES"Post 10 things that make you happy, try to do at least one of them today, link back to the person who awarded you and pass along for up to ten people."

I have previously done the "6 things that make me happy" tag here =)

4 more things that make me happy:
Boobs. 2) Hot girls. 3) Hot girls with big boobs. 4) Girls who are perpetually dirty-minded like moi and get my twisted sense of humor... and who check out other girls.

...Yes, I would love to do one of these things today.
Haha, I wonder sometimes if I'm occasionally too blunt + perverted...
I sound like a lesbian half the time... can't help it. Girls are just so much better than guys ♥

Sidenote - I was reading through what I wrote in that previous tag and OMG, lookit Muffin when she was a bebbeh :(

Oh, I don't think I've mentioned yet, but Muffin is now an outside cat. At first we did not want to have to keep her outside because we have tiny fire ants, but they seem to have died so now she is outside and seems to be doing pretty good. She holds her own against the other cats around my house... but she always cries to come back in and it breaks my heart :( But god she is just so evil! So she has to stay outside.

Anyways, I award/tag:Serenie, LOLanne, Dana, Sheila, Mai, Lindah, Sam, Julie, Lisa, & Lisa!

Yesterday, I was also surprised with a
love package from Stacy! ♥(

Not surprising my fat ass ate up the candy before realizing I didn't take a picture of everything... hence the empty packaging XD

Thanks sooo much girl, it was so sweet of you!
I am devouring the lollipops now =)


Happy Valentine's Day
in advance to all you babes out there... even though I'm not a huge V-day celebrator myself (is that a word?), I hope you all have a good one!
Pssst... tell your man to buy you some sexy lingerie!!


  1. Erynn is such a cute way to spell it ^^ d/w u don't look perverted so you can get away with it lol...every woman likes to have a look...I mean we all have what the other has...just that sometimes it looks so lush oh others haha...

    aww poor Muffin >_<

  2. LMAO You are so funny I love boobs too =)

  3. Thankies for the award... again!! =)

    I love your name, Erynn is so original and pretty, perfect for you ^___^

  4. ohhh thanks for tagging me!! :D

    ive always loved your name and always will hehe its so unique! seriously girl, i would check out girls with you haha i hang out with a lot of boys and thats all they do.. so yeah! :D have a great valentine`s day!!

  5. gah such a cute kitty!! :D and very lovely package it is!

  6. what a cute valentine love package ! :)

  7. Keke, your "pervertedness" as you like to call it just makes me laugh (in a good way)! It makes me feel that I know you so much better! I have friends who are like that too, and hey, to be honest, I think we all "check out" other girls whether it's in jealousy, admiration, or whatever the hell we are checking them out for! Haha! I like guys, but I just think it's RIDICULOUS when WOMEN hate on each other (Hilary Clinton backlash much? Not to bring politics into your nice blog, but most of the antis are WOMEN who is scared whether "a woman can handle being president?!", crazy...)

    Don't think it's awkward, we adore you for it. :)

    I think the name Erynn looks very pretty ^___^, & the reason behind your name is cute. At least you don't get those "is that your real name?!" Yes, it's on my birth cert people, now tell me if it's real! xD

  8. I love how your name is spelled different. & awwwww Muffin is sooo cute!!!! & what a nice love package from Stacy. =)
    LOL I know what you mean about checking out hot girls, they just look better than guys. Isn't it true when you see a couple, 95% of the time the girl is the good looking one?!? LOL
    Happy Valentine's Day & long weekend. ^_^

  9. Aww Muffin was such a cute kitty!

    Thanks for the tag! :)

  10. LOL, i like how your openly dirty-minded... i think everyone is in a way ;p haha... and awwee muffin looks sooo cute!! i love when animals are babies... they're sooo small and adorable <3

  11. lmao at your dirty mind! im definitely like that too... girls are hot! theres just sooo much more to see ;)

    my current girl crush is on blogger... i was going through some of my comments on her blog and i swear each one of them was a comment about her boobies lol. im surprised she hasnt blocked me yet haha

    thank youuuuuu for the tag/award. hehehehe


  12. I totally agree with each and every 4 things that make you happy.
    Plus I'd add on hot girls with big boobies that drive hot cars with a slightly perverted mind.
    Cars + Girls + Boobs = Fun for everyone. Hahaha!

    Yay for Muffin! Now she can be a gangstah cat and run the streets. This one damn cat by my house isn't spayed so it goes in to heat and 11 at night walks around meowing like it wants to be raped. -__- It's annoying.
    But my neighbors outside cats are cute and fat!

  13. Thanks for the award again erynn! I just got your message on my blog now! lol i'm soo far behind -_-

  14. I actually think that the spelling of your name is really cool. What I don't get is why people find it so difficult to spell it! Tsk!


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