Sunday, February 14, 2010

My experience with Youthful Wonder Acne & spots eliminating mask

I got one of these sheet masks from a swap with Angela of SparkleMidori! So I finally decided to try it out last night.

Sorry I didn't take any before/after pictures :( But these were truly my results!

Sadly, I'm breaking out like CRAZY atm. It's driving me nuts because I'm unsure what's causing it. There's a bunch of breakouts on my forehead and a few on my right cheek. And there's a huuuge one on the side of my nose UGH! -__-; So that's why I wanted to try out this mask, to help with my acne.

Product description
The Acne and Spots Eliminating Mask contains Korean Herbal and dermatologist formulas. The active ingredients fights against acne instantly while reducing irritation. It removes acne-causing bacteria and reduced redness visibly. The pimples and spots diminish significantly. Skin is supple, replenished and moisturized. It also awakes skin's natural radiance and promotes a more luminous complexion. Continuously apply for the first 7 days and then twice a week for best results. (you can click the picture above to read all the information on the back)

Licorice, Bisabolol, Tea Tree extract, Corn mint, and Green tea.

My thoughts
So first off, this mask is DRIPPING with loads of gooey essence...hahaha. I actually squeezed some off before applying it because I felt like it would be too much. It has an herbal-ish scent. Not too bothersome for me, but might be too much for some people.

You are suppose to use this mask after cleansing, then leave it on for 15 minutes. If you have oily skin, it says to cleanse your face afterwards with warm water & wipe the remaining essense off.

In the beginning, the mask gives this nice, cooling, refreshing, relaxing sensation. But after about 5-10 minutes, OH MY FUCKING GOD MY FACE IS ON FIRE. ICY MINTY FIRE. This scared me since I usually have bad reactions with "cooling" products that usually contain menthol. But apparently, this contains "Corn mint," so I stuck it out. After 15 minutes, I removed the mask. To say the least, I was speechless.

Speechless because my pimples were RED!!! Inflamed and red!!!!!! I was horrified! My skin was INCREDIBLY soft and smooth, but my acne was so aggravated! I wanted to cry T_T So I washed off the remaining essence. And after about 1o minutes, lo and behold, my pimples seemed to disappear!

The redness WAS significantly diminished, pimples dried out and flatted, and the best part was that MY SKIN WAS WHITENED. This is probably the first product that I have used that has actually whitened my skin. Even with one use! I could NOT stop looking at my skin. It looked great. I was so thrilled with the results! But it was late, so I went to sleep.

Sadly, the next morning, the luminous whitening effect was back to normal, and my pimples were beginning to get red again. This must be why the directions state that you need to use this continuously to see results. Boo. If I knew where to get this mask, I would certainly want to try it out for the reccommended 7 days... I say it works!


  1. I seriously need one of those mask now.. I have sudden breakout again...Just hate moments like this..hmm wonder where to get them....Anyway thanks for the review, found a target item to look out now :p and happy valentines day to u

  2. Wow this mask sounds great! I really need to try these type of masks since the one that are made by western companies don't suit my skin type very much and I get allergic reactions to it >_<

    Have you tried Beauty Diary Masks? I really want to try that but it's quite expensive >_< and I don't know if I can trust ebay lol


  3. wow! i didnt know they had masks for breakouts! haha

    umm have you been eating a lot of greasy food lately? i know that greasy food makes me break out. :( drink lots of water hun!

  4. Wow! It sounds like it has an amazing effect. :D

    I'm sorry to hear that your skin has been bothering you...I'm so irritated when that happens. :( Hopefully you'll be able to get a hold of this mask as soon as you can!

    Thanks for your review!

  5. Happy Valentine's Day honey!
    Hopefully the redness and the break out will go down soon. Drink lots of water that helps? ;D

  6. Wow! I hate minty masks! The one clay mask I use religiously burns like hell but it works so well!
    I have a whitening mask from Etude House I don't use. It whitens but it always goes back to normal. Why do they trick me like that??
    I should go look at Don Q and see if they sell those masks. They totally expanded the asian cosmetics stock its wonderful!

  7. FIRE!! LOL! Oh girl at least it worked though! LOL! Some things you just have to endure the pain for! BUt thanks for giving us the heads up!

  8. Hmmmm... interesting. I would be terrified of aggravating my skin since it seems to really hate those kind of stinging type things. What kind of acne are you experiencing right now? If it's cystic the Mario Badescu Buffering Lotion is incredible.

  9. I hate random breakouts. Have you tried changing your pillow case? or do you talk on the phone with it on the right side of your face?
    I usually have the phone against the right side of my face and I noticed the right cheek tends to get oiler and breaks out more than the left side. Now I try to keep the phone off my cheek and switch ears during long calls.

    Anyways, the mask sounds great. Thanks for the review. Hope your skin clears up soon.

  10. have you tried the silk whitia whitening masks? :) I saw it on fuz kittie's blog a while ago and it looks like they helped with whitening/brightening ^_^ I love the intensse menthol feeling on my skin though ahhaha!

  11. Thanks for the awesome and thorough mask review. :) LOL I was worried when you started off saying how minty the mask was and how red it made your skin but I'm glad it worked out for you in the end!

  12. Sounds very promising! I thought you were very brave to have tried it on your full face the first time. I'm paranoid about such things and so, I always do patch tests first.

    I hope you'll be able to get your hands on more of these and try it for the whole recommended duration. Could this be the miracle we're all looking for? :)

  13. Hi, you can get this mask at Mannings in HK. I've been given 3 boxes (total of 6 masks) as a free gift to some other products I bought. I've just tried the first one tonight. Ever since arriving in HK, I've had so many breakouts probably due to the heat and humidity over here. It's true the mask is soooo gooey... but I stuck the whole thing on my face for 15 mins as directed. It felt kinda nice, cool and tingling throughout the 15 mins. I'm a little disappointed as my spots kinda looked the same as they did before I put the mask on and didn't see any fadeness in them. However my face does feel fresh and cool though. So I'm gonna try it out for a full 6 days and then see what happens (providing I don't wake up tomorrow with a swollen face hahahaha)....

  14. Hii!! :) i was looking for this face mask product and accidentally got into your blog :P
    I used to live in HK but now moved to USA. I couldn't find it anywhere here... Is there a way that i get it on any shop online? please help me!!!


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