Thursday, February 18, 2010

LUSH Love from Sheila! ♥

I got a package in the mail yesterday from the lovely Sheila of Mademoiselle Loves Beauty! (I worked on making her layout! :D)

We're doing a swap-- I mailed your package today Sheila! I hope it gets there safely!

Thank you SOOOO much girl (: Everyone knows how I'm always complaining about how we don't have a Lush here and shipping to Hawaii is ridonkulous... so she was so sweet to gift me with loads of Lush to try and other goodies!!!

I cannot thank you enough Sheila ♥

I will be reviewing these soon, as well as catching up on a few other Lush reviews.
  • Lush Sexy Peel Soap
  • Lush Coalface Cleanser
  • Lush Mint Julips Lip Scrub
  • Lush Angels on Bare Skin Cleanser
  • Lush Honey Trap Lip balm

She even gave me a Paul & Joe eyeshadow palette, J'Adore sample, Cellnique samples, hot choco mix, and a MBD mask! Thank you so much for your generosity ♥

This is my first P&J product!!! I love it! ♥

Sexy Peel smells SOOO good....

Coalface doesn't smell so good imo XD But I'm liking the results!

Sorry I didn't take proper pictures of everything.. I was so excited I just starting using everything one after another and forgot to snap some shots! XD

Reviews coming soon!


  1. That is so adorable I love Lush =)

  2. What a sweet girl to gift you with so many lux goodies! I can't wait to hear what you think of these famous LUSH items. I'm lemming after their lip scrub too but last time I went to the store, they didn't have them out yet. Booo.

  3. Tons of goodies there!

    Let me know how the coalface worked out for you.

  4. aww such a sweet package :].. I just bought the Dark Angels Cleanser, which is similar to the Coalface & it definitely doesn't smell good either!

  5. sexy peel is my favorite smell so far!

  6. How exciting! I can't wait to see your reviews! Especially the Mint Julep Lip Scrub! My lips are giving me such hell right now... T_T;

  7. Ahh hello woman, great Lush love package!

  8. i've always wanted to try LUSH products! so lucky you to have so many! :)

  9. I LOVE Sexy Peel Soap! One of my favorites and Bohemian!

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  11. Wooot you got them safe and sound! I love Royal Mail, they're so fast and reliable. If I sent it to you from Canada you probably won't get it until March XD

    I'm glad you think Sexy Peel smells nice, that is by far my fave Lush smell ever.

    P&J e/s powder is milled so finely and sticks well and has awesome pigmentation. I look forward to your EOTD with them!! I bought the same palette for myself, so I'm hoping to get some inspiration from you <3

    Enjoy the stuff!! Let me know if you want anything else ^___^

  12. WOOOHOOO! LUSH <3 <3
    Lovely goodies hun!

  13. ooooh i want to try lush. we have it on oahu, as you know, but its so expensive! cant wait to see your reviews :)

  14. Can't wait to hear reviews, I love to read reviews on LUSH items, to think I'm 7 minutes away from one and never bought anything there...I think it was the HORRIBLE smell of the store, you smell it half way down the mall, lol. I guess it's b/c the whole all natural thing. I learned from a SA one day that the more natural an item, the stronger the scent. I am quite confident in that statement.

    I haven't tried P & J yet ether, I need to get with the program! I'll know about it soon enough from you though ;-)

    I love all the items pictured and I do that same, I use them before I can take shots, lol.

  15. She's such a sweet girl for sending all those goodies! It's making me jealous haha
    I wonder how you think of the Lush products


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