Friday, February 12, 2010

NYX $1 "Sale" haul Swatches + Overviews

Here is my haul from the NYX $1 "Sale"
It took several weeks to come in, and I got no shipping info.

Liquid Makeup

Got this because I've been wanting to try NYX liquid foundation for awhile now... I thought if I got these 2 shades, I could mix them into a decent shade for my skintone...

Ivory is really pale but slightly ashy and Caramel is really... brown. So even when trying different mixtures, I still end up with an ashy-toned shade that doesn't match my skin very well. Oh well. Maybe I will have to keep trying. If not I can still use it as highlight/contour.

The pump bottle is very nice though, although it is a bit difficult at first to control the amount of product you want to come out. The texture/consistency is light and not too liquidy. Feels similar to Etude House BB Magic Balm. Coverage is quite buildable but too much ends up looking cakey.

Black Label Powder

Comes in a cute lace bag. The compact itself is really nice and sleek. I think it would look better without all the wording on the cover... but that's just me. The mirror swivels! Seems pointless but it looks cool :P

I thought the shade Buff would be WAAYY too light for me, but upon first inspection, it seems comparable to the EDM pressed powder I normally use in Fairly Light Golden. BUT it is actually lighter when applied. Still a bit too light for me and doesn't blend into my skin like the EDM does. I gave it to my mom because it's a better shade for her.

The powder itself is smooth and nice. Not powdery or chalky. It nicely evens out and smooths the appearance of my skin to a matte finish. I still wouldn't pay $25 for it though.

Blush Brush

Since it was only $1, I'm satisfied with it. It reminds me of my Shu Uemura blush brush from the compact brush set, except it is SLIGHTLY more prickly and doesn't feel soft to the touch or on my face. Good for $1 though.

Eye Pencil

I got this in "Extreme black." It's smooth & very pigmented. Haven't tried it on my eyes yet, but I like it so far.

Glitter on the go

"Las Vegas"

It's real pretty! There are so many multi-colored glitters. It looks fucking gorgeous over the liner. But apparently, it is not eye safe. Fuck. I guess I will use this on my nails then.

NYX Lips lipstick

Here's the lipsticks I got. This is mainly what my haul was for. Sadly, I'm pretty disappointed with all these shades. Does anyone know what is the difference between the NYX lips and the NYX Round lipsticks? Despite the different packaging, some shades are the same names. But these (the NYX Lips) seem a lot smoother and more moisturizing than the NYX Round lipsticks IMO.

Unfortunately, while all the shades are very pretty on my arm, they don't look nearly as nice on my lips. Thalia, Sierra, and Shakira are matte shades. The rest (Indian pink, Sky pink, Peach love, Baby) all have a frosty sheen and the color doesn't show up very well... it's kinda confusing to explain but most of these shades make my lips look rather dark AND/OR frosty at the same time.

I apologize for the crappy-ness of the "no flash" pictures... I usually end up taking my pictures at night in bad lighting :( BUT it does do a pretty accurate job of showing how frosty and/or dark the shades appear on my lips.

I broke the Peach Love! :( I forgot I had twisted it up so far, and then I swatched it and it broke at the base. Boo. So I fixed it using the flame-melting method.... it looks like shit but still usable :/ I suppose these would make nice bases for layering over with gloss but I wouldn't wear them by themselves, because they just don't work with my lip pigmentation and skintone. I really like the texture though.

Overall, this order was mostly a bust for me. Atleast with shipping it was like I only paid $2 for each item. But still. I don't think I'll be ordering from NYX again anytime soon.

Did you order anything from this "sale"?
Were you happy with what you ordered?


  1. The difference between Nyx Lips and Nyx round lipsticks is just like you said: Nyx Lips is more moisturizing. Nyx Round is just creamier, I think.

    It's too bad that that order was a bust for you.

  2. awww...after all that stress and getting worked up about the shipping and how long it took etc...and you weren't as satisfied :( that's so lame...altho I like their eyeliners...thats about it lol...

  3. I thought the swivel mirror is a bit pointless!! Look, I can spin 90 degrees and still do my makeup, no wait, 180! Haha, I totally did not understand the point. I really like the lace bag and the pattern on the top though (sans words, like you said).

    Sorry this haul was a bust for you. >___< The lipsticks do look very nice with flash though! (on the bright side? xD)

  4. I made a video on my haul, I forgot to take pictures! Darn. Thalia looks horrible on me. Ughhh.

    I wasnt really all that happy with my NYX order either, I bought a bunch of stuff for my sister in law and I wanted some lipsticks and that was all. I'm skipping the rest of these NYX "sales"!

  5. nice haul!!
    nice bargain for trying out!hehe

  6. omg i've been waiting like a month for mine to arrive! and they didn't give me shipping info either!

  7. Boo, hauls that are bust are such bummers.... :( so sorry love.
    I'm pretty blown that you didn't even getting any shipping notification. NYX so doesn't like hawaii.... and really what's not to like?
    Your there and I adore you! lol

  8. i didnt order anything from this sale... i hate esp since with shipping AND duties, it wouldnt have been worth it for me

    i know what you mean about the nyx lippies though... i ordered 24 round lippies last time cherry culture had the nyx ones for sale and most of the "frosted" colours i got looked like shit. surprisingly, i like thalia though... i top it with lipgloss and i think it looks good on me lol... im more tanned though soo thats probably why :P


  9. Sorry about that!! I think the only things I like from NYX are their single shadows... and their jumbo pencils. Besides that, I don't really care much about anything else. What the heck? The glitter isn't good for eyes!! BUMMER.

  10. OOH. That glitter looks pretty!!
    I do not like pearly/frost looking lipsticks. It looks weird on me. Like sickly almost. Haha!
    That's bullshit that you paid THAT much on shipping and didn't get any confirmation. It'd be okay if it came fast but that was a really long time.

  11. I love the peach love lip stick :o

  12. Nice haul! I love how you got so many lippies! :D
    Amazing how diff the shades are with and without flash! I wasn't so happy w/the service of my order :*( I emailed the company about my situation, and havent heard back from them still after almost a week :(

  13. I Still HAVENT gotten my order!!! >.<

  14. I ordered a few things from the "sale" but primarily focused on the lippies. I have both the Nyx Round lipstick & the Nyx Lips in Thalia and when I tried both of them, the round one came out a tad bit lighter. The round lipstick did seem a lost creamier though.

    I tried not to spend much because shipping was a bitch haha

  15. Whoa talk about haulage! And thanks for all the swatches! I usually only get eye stuff from NYX. LOL!

  16. wow, you did a lot of work on this post! its really informative and cool looking. Too bad you didnt like much:(

  17. lovely lipstick swatches! you have beautiful lips :D

    So why isn't the NYX glitter safe for eyes? is it not a cosmetic glitter?

  18. My (first) NYX haul was a bust too. I don't think I'll be ordering from their website anymore. The shipping took FOREVER, even though they're located 20 minutes away from my house! Hell, for the price of S&H for only 8 items, I could have saved money by driving to their warehouse to pick up my stuff and driven back home, and it still would have been cheaper than paying shipping. And the delivery process itself was a HUGE pain! I had to sign for it, and the mail carrier kept on coming at odd hours, so I would miss the delivery every single time it was supposed to be redelivered.

    Anyway, love the swatches. I myself purchased 2 red lipsticks (Electra & Eros) and Narcissus, but I'm too sacred to wear the reds because I don't have pearly whites, haha!

  19. At one dollar a pop, that was a real bargain. Pity not all turned out to be to your liking.

    Great post, btw! I love how detailed the photos were. :)


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