Sunday, February 14, 2010

Surprise from Lisa! ♥ + Microgestin updates

I got a surprise package from Lisa of He Qi Crystal designs a few days ago!

She made a batch of homemade caramels... nom nom nom, and was so nice to share! Thank you so much Lisa, they are delicious! I have been eating them with apples... =)

She also sent me a pair of lovely earrings! Gorgeous!
Be sure to check out He Qi Crystal Designs!


Thank you also to all who gave tips in my last post about my breakouts =[ The sad thing is that I have not changed my routine! I eat the same, no oily food, lots of water, etc. but it's still happening. So anyways, I made a post to update on my Microgestin journey here:

At this point, I hate this pill. I know that everyone reacts differently, but I would NOT reccommend it to anyone!!!


  1. awww nice love pack!
    esp the caramel

  2. pretty earrings. theyre so shiny^^ i ordered 2 necklaces from he qi crystal designs few days ago. cant wait till they arrive^^

    sorry to hear about the microgestin. hope your feeling better~ take care~ xx

  3. Aww yay for happy mail!

    And ohhhh. Can you talk to your doctor about switching to another pill? Sounds like this one's really a mixed bag for you. =/

  4. aww i hate acne! they ruin everything.. i hope urs clears up fast! mmm homemade caramels <3

  5. So sweet of her to send you a love package! :D That just shows how sweet you are, right? ^___^

    I'm sorry to hear about your skin. ): I find that my skin changes the MOST when I'm under some amount of stress. Is that the case with you? & I think not enough sleep would also put a huge toll on my skin. I think I broken out really terribly for 2-3 weeks, and it took months and months to heal May of last year. (it was during Spring quarter and midterms and finals and I had a 7:30AM class...)

    I don't know what to say. >___< Please update us on your progress, I hope to help you in anyway I can~

  6. Mmmm yummy! the earrings are so cute and those caramels look delicious

  7. Love the earrings!!! Btw I don't know if this helps but sometimes eating dairy foods can cause some breakouts. That happened to me before because I was basically drinking a lot of milk and eating a lot of yoghurt >_< then BAM! Totally broke out >_< and at first I didn't know it was that, that caused it. Then I stopped drinking and eating dairy foods and my breakouts suddenly vanished!!! This was my experience so maybe yours may be similar? I hope your skin gets better soonie :)


  8. Ohh homemade caramels! Yum!!! How sweet of her!

  9. Homemade caramels?! YUMMM lucky you =D

  10. I read your other post, I'm so sorry about your microgestin experience :( I would probably complain all day and night if I was going through that! >_<

  11. Your new earrings are pretty and homemade caramels sound wonderful! :)


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