Tuesday, February 23, 2010

NOTD: OPI - Gone Platinum in 60 Seconds + Formspring Q&A

I found this laying around my house last week, so I decided to do my nails with it. It's a pretty, blue-toned, light silvery-gray shade with very fine shimmers.

I don't really want to say "platinum"
because when I think of platinum, I think of something totally different :P

Unfortuneately, it's so sheer! This is 4 thick coats and it still looked streaky. And it takes FOREVER to dry. I guess since I did so many coats, it just stayed tacky. Let the pictures do the talking.... I'd been waiting for it to dry and I figured after several hours it would be all G, but I knocked my right hand on something and fudged up the tips on 3 of my nails :(

Oh well. If application didn't suck so much, I'd wear this more often. It's really pretty.

Also, Formspring questions answered here:


  1. I really like the color, Erynn. But 4 coats for OPI? Why are we paying so much for something that needs four coats?! :O I saw what you're talking about in terms of your tips...honestly, not drying in a few hours? Probably not really worth the trouble. >___<

  2. Very nice color :] That reminds me that I need to change my nail color soon. It's been a while, hahaha. I can imagine how long that took to dry :\ I hate that whole drying/waiting process, haha. I would probably do my nails more often if I didn't have to wait an eternity for them to dry.. o__o


  3. If you want something really pretty in terms of silver/platinum. You gotta check out Dior's Vernis from Spring 2010. Its the colour called Silver Pearl and its SO pretty.

  4. it is pretty!! i love the color, 4 coats to achieve.. drying stuff is a problem ._.

  5. Gah. Blogger failed on me when I tried to submit my comment...I dunno if it went through the first time sooo....AGAIN:

    OoOo pretty color!! Ugh, 4 COATS? And OPI's so pricey too. :S I've actually never tried OPI cuz I think it's a little too pricey.

  6. I wish you cold go platinum in 60 seconds. =[
    I need to paint my nails!!!
    OMG. There's this girl I work with and she got white french tips and painted the hello kitty face and they put cute pink acrylic bows!!
    I should try and take a picture. It was soooooo cute.

  7. thats a gorgeous color, very unique!

  8. Pretty color but too bad the formula is tacky! Your cuticles and nail shape are so nice btw. :)

  9. you know i was reading an article about nail polishes before... apparently even the most "quick dry" np's need around 1-2 days to dry completely... iono if it's true buuut it kinda make sense cuz i always get bedsheet marks on my nails even after waiting a couple hours after application to sleep!



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