Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Geo Ash Wing circle lens overview

So, finally, here's my overview of the Ash Wing circle lenses I ordered from Mesmerized Eyes. Comfort-wise, they are the same as the Geo Brown's I ordered from Phyllis of Makeup For Life. They are non-irritating, fit fine, and feel fine. The Angel browns offer more enlargement than these, but these are A LOT more natural-looking. Also, I should note that I didn't get the Geo anti-fake sticker with my order, but they are sending it to me ATM, so that's all cleared up.

The thing you need to know about these lenses (or any circle lenses for that matter) is that they do not really look like what they look like in the advertising pictures. They reflect their color at certain angles and in certain lighting or with photo-editing and color correcting, so if you're looking at them straight-on from a distance, the color is not very obvious. This isn't exactly a bad thing though, as they still do wonders for enlargement and making your eyes appear bigger and brighter.

And obviously, I am a big glasses freak. I just find them a lot easier than contacts, which I am too lazy to wear and they often irritate my eyes after a short time. So that's why most of my pictures, I am wearing glasses. Also, since I'm wearing glasses, I tend to care less about what my makeup and undereye circles look like, which is why I'm a haggard mess in just about all of my pictures xD


  1. thanks for the review!. I've been WANTING to check these contacts out but it doesn't look really naturally looking.Do you have a review on the angel browns?

  2. wow they look so good on you! You have such preeeetttyy eyes i'm jealous. I actually sell circle lenses so I'm also trying them out myself (I have about 8+ different pairs I wear )and I'm definately getting a pair of Ash wing lenses for myself, now I know why they always sell out so fast!

  3. oOOo i really like this one. I don't think i can pull off the blue like you did though. It looks like the blue match your skin colour and complexiion so well. It looks flawless!

    i love the tiny little detailing, and how the rim is not just a bold black. PRETTY!


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