Sunday, May 24, 2009

Juicy ♥'s Sephora wristlet overview

So, this was only $39 and it was just so cute, I had to snag it since I own nothing Juicy Couture (besides a ridiculously priced shirt my Dad bought me -_-;;) so this was a semi-introductory product to this brand for me personally. I didn't expect it to be GREAT, since it's Juicy from Sephora rather than Juicy at a retail store. Anyways, it's cute, spacious, and functional. The velour is not luxurious or anything, but you get what you pay for. I don't mind. It is a bit garish with all the gold bits but it's still something I would use with a matching outfit.

There's 4 slots for credit cards, etc. "Charge it!"... nice afterthough lol. Snugly holds your cards without making it hard to remove when you need them.

The inside is quilted pink... still pretty cute. It's actually quite spacious. Enough room to hold my cards and coin purse inside (probably could fit my phone too).

So all in all, it's cutesy and functional, despite not being super luxury like Juicy from a retail store, it does the job. If you like having the super luxurious deal, then I wouldn't buy this. However, if you're looking for something small and simple just to try out a brand, then I would reccommend it.


  1. Very cute indeed! There are times when I don’t need to carry much and this would be really useful during those times! Hehe! I don’t own too many juicy things either.. just a pair of $170 rain boots that are really comfy! ;)


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