Friday, May 1, 2009

Skinfood Ginko Green BB Cream review

My BB cream just came in today and let me tell you, I am more than pleased with it (hopefully it stays that way!). The seller was very quick in responding and keeping in contact when my item was processed and shipped, I received it relatively quickly (a bit over a week, considering it's coming from South Korea), and they also gave me 3 free samples (: Here's the seller's shop if you want to check them out: Dreamscape Shop.

Here's some pics. As you can see, the directions and ingredients are in Hangul. So, if anyone can translate, please let me know! Lol.

I applied the BB cream at around 12 noon. 11 hours later, the coverage is practically the same! I have yet to see how it withstands all day wear, but this was impressive (;

And here's some swatches. I got #2 since #1 looked porcelain-white. Even #2 seems quite pale, but when blended, it matches my skin tone very well. The cream is not too thick, but it is not exactly liquidy either. It smells pretty good though.

So here's my review on Skinfood's Ginko Green BB Cream:

Product Description: A moisturizing base made with the essential ingredients of green tea, ginkgo leaf, Vitamin B and lecithin for nutritional benefits to the skin. Provides light coverage. Suitable for all skin types.

Pros: smells good, buildable coverage, silky smooth finish, makes complexion more even-toned and bright, conceals blemishes and dark circles, non-greasy

Cons: a bit hard to blend, dries somewhat quickly, only 2 shades, doesn't come in spf, not available in the US, I can't read the ingredients :P

What I thought about it: Although this is supposed to be used as a base, I found the coverage to be pretty equal to foundation, so I just set my face with some powder after the BB cream. I really like the smooth, even, and glowy tone that the cream gives to my complexion; especially since it's really long lasting! The EDM pressed powder I used gives a nice finish, but it's gone by noon. I only did this on a trial run, but it wore for 11 hours and counting! The coverage is buildable, so it was suitable for my dark circles (I still went over with powder after), redness, and freckles (which are still a bit visible, but I don't mind).

The only things I really want to mention are that the consistency is a bit different... it's not thick, but it isn't liquidy. It's a bit thicker than a liquid foundation, but not as thick as a cream, for example. It dried kind of fast on my skin and was a bit hard to blend (with my fingers), but I might just have to break the product in first. I dotted it a few times on my cheeks, chin, nose, and forehead and that was enough for full coverage (started out sheer but is buildable). Since the consistency is so unique; I've never used any face products with consistency like that, it took some getting used to the way it feels.

Again, it's kind of hard to describe. When applied, it's NOT greasy or oily and it's not exactly sticky, but it does take some time to fully absorb. When it does though, it greatly improves the look of my tone and complexion for soft and radiant looking skin... BUT I'd reccommend that you have a relatively clear, even toned, light-to-medium normal type skin if you want to use this all over your face, versus on-spot areas, which I reccommend would look better if your skin isn't normal type and has lots of acne, scars, blemishes, etc. It tends to accentuate that if your skin is uneven toned (from my experience testing it out on others). Another downside, it doesn't contain spf. The Aloe Sun and Mushroom Multicare BB Creams do.

Aaaand, I got some free samples! I looove free samples. Will review soon.


  1. wow!!! your after 11 hours skin is still wonderful, there is a certain nice glow!

  2. hello, may i know what shade you are in MAC? Im about NC25 with yellow undertone. I want to buy #2 cuz i dont think im pale enough to use #1. But after a bit of research on Google, i found that for Skinfood, #1 is yellow undertone while #2 is pink undertone. Let me know your thoughts please. Thank you :)


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