Sunday, May 17, 2009

"What's in my bag" post

I've never done a "what's in my bag" post, and Whit over at Whitz world of makeup & beauty did one. So I figured I'd do one too, since I've actually been making use of my different bags lately xD

I normally go between these two bags (I prefer smaller bags). I'M a fan of Coach... my bank account is NOT :P The Perfume Print top pouch was a gift from my Aunty and the other one was a no-reason present from the hubby.

I also have been using this Dooney lately (thanks hun, again).

As for what's in my bag, I actually don't carry much around with me!

This is all that I normally take with me: My phone (LG Shine), Paris Hilton perfume, my Coach coin purse, and my keys... gotta love Harajuku Lovers (; I got that lanyard ages ago hehe xD Surprisingly to most people, I don't carry around any makeup! I don't even have a mirror! (I guess my phone counts as a mirror tho). So even though I have small purses, I don't even come close to filling them up lol.

My other favorites are LeSportsac (and occasionally TokiDoki - Eco Mondo is the best print ever!) and D&B. I use these bags for school (thanks hun for the Dooney).

So all my school junk is in that bag :P So this is the only case where I actually prefer bags with more interior space. The rest of my collection is small sized bags and wristlets. I also like Roxy bags since they tend to be cute (even though I don't really like Roxy lol) and Walmart bags since they're cheap and chic (; So anyways,

What do you girls have in your bag/purse? And...What size bags do you like?
Any brands you like? (:


  1. Great post! I love the "whats in my bag" posts lol.

  2. i love what's in your bag posts :) i love that coach mini skinny pouch :D as for me, i LOVELOVELOVE huge purses. i'm a VERY short, small girl and my purses are probably like half my size LOL! :) i don't like any brand in particular. i have from coach to like forever21 purses. as long as they look cute and is roomy/functional, i will get it! :D i have a huge purse addiction :D

    oh and i followed you :D

  3. I love multiple brands, I don't stick to one because I really opt for the style and the size of the bag, i am more of a medium sized bag user :) and I love your bag!

  4. wow, my husband always wants me to buy small purses but i can't because i can't fit anything in it. lol i bring so much crap with me plus my daughters diaper bag. lol i'm all luggage whenever i'm out and about. anywho cute purses! What do you think about the new Coach print?


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