Thursday, May 14, 2009

Shu Uemura mini eyelash curler & Phyto Black cream overview

So, my order from Shu Uemura came in a few days ago; shipping took much longer than I expected! Not horrible, but oh well. I'm not really going to bother going over the eyelash curler in depth because I'm planning on returning it. I expected it to be small, of course, but I find it a bit hard to use (my own fault :P) and I'm too lazy to master the technique. I ended up pinching myself a few times and nearly poking myself in the eye; it's so tiny and difficult to maneuver >_< !!!

It also doesn't help that my childhood stressed/bored habit of randomly pulling out my eyelashes (trichotillomania) has resurfaced -_-;; so my lashes are pretty sparse right now >:( Also, my mom also told me that she already had the regular size lash curler... why didn't she tell me earlier! UGH! Lol.

The good side to this was that the Phyto Black lift firming anti-wrinkle cream sample that I ordered was a big hit for me :D I love love love samples that are in little jars, since it lasts so much longer and looks so much nicer than samples that are in little packets. I'll do a more detailed review of this later, but for now, I've used it last night and I have to say that it smells GREAT (like guava or some kind of fruit) and it absorbs relatively well, isn't heavy or greasy, and leaves skin smooth, firm, and glowy. I used it under my eyes and was surprised with a noticeable difference in the fine lines below my eyes... they looked a lot less pronounced and smoothed out a bit. Will definitely keep using! Too bad the full size is $125 :(

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