Sunday, May 31, 2009

Blogger buddie award for YOU! (:

I decided to create my own award to give away since I've met so many nice people and interesting bloggers since I've started my own blog here last year. I never really thought anyone would find my blog let alone find it interesting LOL xD So I would like to give this award to: Askmewhats, MK, Kym, Dana, Mai, and Cherrielantern.

In turn, you can give this award to as many bloggers as you want, that you find are interesting posters and most friendly. Don't forget to let them know you're awarding them lol. Hopefully this'll encourage more people to become "blogger buddies" (;


  1. Hey thanks! :) That's a cute icon for the award :)

    Yeah, you should definitely see Up! I loved it! :)

  2. Oh, that's a sweet idea ..

    How have you done the "click here to view my sale?
    I want to have one, too
    it looks so cute

    xoxo T.My

  3. AWWWWW Erynn! thanks! im honored to be your 'buddie'! hehehe! ;P

  4. The blogger buddy award is so cute! :)

  5. Note for you: I changed my blog URL, as well as my FeedBurner URL. :S Sorry! I promise this'll never happen again! Please resubscribe using the SUBSCRIBE widget on the right side of my page! Thank you!

  6. thank you!!!!!!!! THANK YOU for giving this special award! that is very sweet of you!!!! I appreciate this so much!

  7. in response to ur comment:

    o whoops! haha sorry bout the confusion. I didnt' realize there's so many "h-town" labels :)

    so lucky u live in hawaii! i visited there about two years ago and its so pretty! i wanna go back :3

  8. Hahaha! Half the size of your car? Nice! lol. I remember when I was a kid, one of my family's friends had this huuuge pig like that that could barely waddled. lmao!

  9. oh wow hun, THANK YOU SO MUCH for the award! <3 hehe

    What's weird though is that I was thinking of making my own award too, but you beat me to it & I'm sure that my award would not have looked quite as cute! lol


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