Monday, May 25, 2009

NYX Double Sided Eye Pencil review

NYX Double Sided Eye pencil in Dark brown/black and Silver/black.

Product Description: Sick of carrying around tons of makeup for one look? The Double-sided Eye Liner and Shadow has two shades of liners in one pencil. Use one for lining, use the other for shadow, or use as your inner Goddess tells you to!

Pros: Glides on smoothly, great color payoff (picture doesn't do it justice), lots of product.

Cons: lead is soft, doesn't sharpen to a fine point.

What I thought about it: I'm really glad that I went out on a limb here and decided to get the silver pencil. I love the color (: The dark brown is great and natural as a liner and shadow. I haven't tried the black side yet but I'm expecting it to be great as well. I like that these pencils glide on smoothly and give a lot of color payoff however the lead is really soft and these pencils do not sharpen very well at all. They are super big though so they'll last a long time. Overall, I'm pretty satisfied with these eyeliners.

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