Friday, September 11, 2009

Blog awards :D

The super awesome miss Kalmo has passed on 2 awards to me :D The Beautiful Blogger award and my Blogger Buddie award. It has found it's way back to me! It now has this lovely stamp-edge border. I wonder who added that? (:

Thank you so much Kalmo~

I think every blogger on here is beautiful and I've made quite a few blogger buddies... so I'd like to pass these awards on to everyone :D ♥

PS - I wonder who's been getting to my blog by googling my full name? Idk if it's someone/people who know me or what, but it's kind of awkward cus it happens kind of a lot, like why would you want to google me anyway?? ._.


  1. OMG! That's kinda creepy @ the last part.

  2. Congrats on your awards!! =) Are they Googling your real name? If yes, that is a bit creepy.

  3. congrats on the awards!! I google myself sometimes just to see what comes up, but I wouldn't expect anyone to google me either lol :)

  4. oh, thats kind of creepy. Do you have a tracker other than the live traffic feed?

  5. Hello!

    I noticed the blogger buddie award got a new stamp border too! ^^ I agree that every blogger is beautiful as well. :) I google my own name sometimes haha <-- dork.

  6. wah~ congrats on the blog awards

    u totally deserve it

  7. Congrats on the awards!
    I only google people if I forgot their blog address! Haha! how do you find this out anyway? I’m curious about me now…

  8. Thanks everyone for the congrats (:

    I also do google myself sometimes :P Whoever it is (maybe more than 1 person unless they're using diff comps) they google my real name. They're from somewhere in Hawaii.

    @ MK - I have a CB tracker too but it's not very accurate. It always says random places in Hawaii.

    @ Kym - I use that little feedjit tracker in my sidebar; it tells you who's visiting your page, how they got there (like if they googled your name), what browser they're using, what time they got there, what links they click, and where they're from, etc.~

  9. I'm interested in knowing where you got this tracker! Haha.

    Sometimes I google people just to see if anything will show up. Most of the time when I do google my friends, nothing shows up. They could had just been curious.

    But other than that, I usually dont use my real full name on any of my stuff online. I'm a little paranoid like that =).


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