Monday, September 7, 2009

Pink Coast Designs package, upcoming stuffs

My winnings from Pink Coast Design's coming to blogger contest came in a few days ago! Here is the very cute Morning Glory necklace. She also sent me Bath & Body works lip balm (LOVING IT!) and nail polish :D THanks so much J ♥

I'll take better pictures later, promise :X

Also, I will be updating my blog sale soon! :D I ordered another top from Urban Outfitters, since I dindn't like how the size small fit, so I got xs and it's alot better. So anyone who would like this shirt in a small, stay tuned!

And, this is all I brought back from Waikoloa. 2 polishes from Queen's Marketplace; I fell in LOVE with the color on the left and the one on the right is supposed to take the yellow out of your nails (Def need that lol).

I also got "The Cute Book" from the Ben Franklin in Waimea. It's a book about how to sew little felt characters... so maybe sometime soon I will have more than just clay charms hehe ^^ I have to say I am LOVING Waimea's Ben Franklin, it has so much better stuff than the one here in Hilo!!!


  1. thanks for your comment erynn :) your goodies look lovely and that tank is very rocker chic. You can get fancy cardigans at F21, they have a boat load, just searching is a pain lol. If you want the more casual ones, target and H&M are good as well. Good luck!!

  2. congrats on your winnings! and "broke is the new black" love it! hahaha! ;P

  3. cute necklace and love the tank!

  4. wow so cute

    hmm...luv your tank top

    and island girl nail polish is so pretty color


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