Sunday, September 13, 2009

F21 Haul,

My F21 package came in :D Here's what I got:

Forever 21 lippies! I really like these ^__^ The little charms are such a cute touch. The only downside is that they don't have labels or anything, so it looks kind of plain out of the package, and doesn't tell you the color. Other than that, these are super sheer (I prefer that kind of gloss), not sticky, go on smooth, are quite shiny with veeeery fine shimmer, and they smell like some kind of fruity candy. I suppose they are similar to NYX round lip gloss except a bit thicker texture and def. not as pigmented. Still like them though~ And only $1.50!

Swatches L-R: Rose, Coral, Pink, Light Pink, Clear. The last three seem all clear in the pic but they have subtle difference in real life.

This is Coral and Rose mixed together :3

Also got some new nailpolish to feed my growing addiction xD And super cute earphones! They were not expensive and I have not tried them out yet but I hope they work pretty good. They were just too kawaii to pass up xP

Penguin pillow says hello ^^ ♥ I got 2 more pairs of their Petite Skinny jeans since I love them so much!! Also got a shirt, cami, and another of their fab convertible bras... This time I try 34C but the size is still small/tight. Is it just how F21 is? I emailed them about it and they told me the sizing is standard and there should be no variation :/ But oh well. They are just so functional!

I also got this charcoal color top... it's size M but still fits pretty well...

The best part is the back detailing! It is sooo pretty! :3

Hope everyone is having a great weekend (:


  1. Great Haul! The shirt is way cute =)

    BTW Thanks for your offer in helping me with my layout, I really wouldn't know how I want it to look like hehe... I think I'm just having problems with knowing how to keep all my side widgets and followers.

  2. love the f21 lippies! the charms are the cutest!! i like the coral lippie!

  3. I lurve this store. You know I saw those l/g's and were wondering about 'em. Thanks for the swatches!

  4. Great haul! The lippies are cute and so is the shirt! I might have to stop by there tomorrow :D

  5. great haul! the lipglosses are super cute, i would just get it for the packaging hehe

  6. wow i love that t shirt must be from the harajuku line at f21 awesome i have to go there i love their clothing so much and their prices are lovely as well

  7. Oo those are really pretty glosses =D. I didn't realize that F21 made non-clothing products haha. Lovely top!

  8. love love love the back! it's sexy and cute!


  9. Nice haul, you have the perfect lips! The clothes look really cute too. ^^


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