Thursday, September 10, 2009

Karmaloop ish, WS Haul & circle lens overview

Hey everyone,

I decided to sign up to be a Karmaloop rep~ You can use code EO45088 for 20% off your initial purchase. Have fun shopping (:

In regards to what I'VE been shopping for lately :P I got my order in from Wet Seal a few days ago. Here's what I ordered: Ribbed long sleeve tops (Charcoal & white), Lace Trim V-neck top, Platinum extensions, and you know I couldn't go without buying a cute pair of undies :P (mine were lime green though).

The ribbed long sleeve tops are very comfy and fit well. I got the white in small and the charcoal in medium. They are really thin though, I don't think they're worth $15.50 but I really like them :P

I really liked the look of the Lace trim V-neck top online but I don't really like it too much in real life now :/ The lace detailing is so pretty but there's just something about the top itself that I don't really like the way it looks... I think I'll still keep it though.

I got 4 of these Urban Vibe extensions since they were only $2. They're super soft and silky and are like real! The color is not too natural looking mixed with my current hair color but I think when I go back to a darker color, they'll look good ^^They don't clip in to well since it's just a tiny comb at the end, but if you bobby pin it in, it's fine.

Also, my Geo Angel greens from came in. Overall, they are pretty much the same as the angel browns I reviewed awhile ago. They are very comfortable and great for enlargment, but the color does not show up very well except from different angles or in direct light.



Also, I have been looking high and low for a Tokidoki Sorriso Eco Mondo bag. If anyone has one and wants to sell / knows where to buy one, please let me know!! I'm searching for one that has near-perfect print placement. I found one on ebay but the placement isn't to my liking. I've been lemming this bag/print for a really long time now *sigh* This chick scored big time :(


  1. NIce clothing haul! Everything fits your body so well. I like the new contact lenses.

  2. the lace dress is sooooo cute! i love it! i love karmaloop as well they always have cute stuff but I just did a haul at urbans so gotta save for now hehe...

    you look so pretty with the green lens! very anime like

  3. I really like the first top =D though I am not thin enough to pull it off xD. Looks good on you!
    For the second one (I agree that it looks a bit better online. Perhaps it's the way the black lace is cut...? It looks more mature and serious in real life.

    Love the contacts!

  4. i LOVEEEEEE the long sleeve tops. Those are gorgeous especially for the fall season. DON'T RETURN THEM! They look GREAT on you!


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