Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Strapya order came in :3

I'm so happy :D It came in super fast too!! Even from Japan =) Here's all the stuff I got:

Immediately onto my DS!

This is supposed to be a cellphone holder but it's kinda big so it fits my camera really well :D

The inside is so cute!

I definitely will be placing another order soon (:

On a sad note, Muffin mauled me, so I'm limping (yes, THAT bad), and some one/thing did some real damage to my car =( I wanna KILL someone . . .


  1. Oh no! What happened to your car?! That frickin sucks, especially cuz you guys have put so much work into it. :( I'd be so fkn pissed if something happened to my car, I know how you must feel. :(

    Btw, cute stuff! I have a phone pouch like that, but with a diff design. Got it for Christmas one year :)

  2. How kawaii!!! I love it!! Your DS is adorable, I have the exact same one :P

    That sucks about your car (and muffin!). Do you know who did it?

  3. everything is just too cute!! i love that site makes me want to buy the whole store lol

  4. I'm just scrolling through your blog.;p Cute stuff!! It's so pink..^o^
    Sorry about your car.:(

  5. Holy kawaiiness! What a haul!

    P.S Oh geez, limping? :( Hope u recover quickly. Sorry also to hear about your ride.

  6. Sorry to hear about your car. I hate when people do not respect other people's property. So rude!

  7. Awww super cute stuff! Your DS is all kawaii and very adorable. :)

  8. aww all so kawaii!! I love that he has alittle penguin on him X3

    that pouch is too cute!! love the interior!! man I wish I could get me hands on some cute fabric like that :P

  9. awwwwwwn everything is soo cute :)


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