Thursday, September 24, 2009

DHC goodies & Tag from Amy ♥

My DHC stuff came in today ♥ L-R I got: cute soap tray~ Eyebrow Perfect Pro Powder (copper brown), Eyebrow perfet pro holder, Eyebrow perfect pro pencil (brown), Q10 cream foundation (02 yellow ocher), and samples! Eye wrinkle stick, Mineral mask, Matte cream, and Eyebright.

One thing I did not know though is that their products are SO TINY! Everything is so small! Not that I paid TOO much for it (I bought all the stuff they're gonna discontinue :P) but it's just really tiny... Does anyone know how long these products actually last? Like the eyebrow stuff is barely the size of my pinky finger ._.

More samples and a gift certificate =)

Can't wait to try everything out :D Reviews coming soon~ Does anyone else use these DHC products and how do you like them? (:

Also, the super sweet and lovely Amy from gave me the "gorgeous blogger award" Thanks so much girl! If you haven't already, check out her blog! Much awesomeness there (:

The rules are to list 6 interesting facts about myself. I did that tag a couple times back X3 but I try to think of new things xP

1. I am currently obsessed with Korilakkuma (if that's not obvious enough already hehe)

2. I'm going to school to (hopefully) get a Digital Media Arts certificate and B.A. in Art. I also want to go to beauty school sometime in the future.

3. I was born on my dad's birthday! I was his birthday present (:

4. I wish I was shorter! I'm only 5 ft but I still want to be more short xP

5. I'm a glasses nerd. I wear glasses everyday. I used to hate it before but now I love it since I'm too lazy to wear contacts, even though I have like 3127318965 pairs.

6. I ♥ Journey. The band, not the shoe store (:


  1. i will do a review once i have it long enough(: and as for the cardigan i got it either at forever 21 or or the other/:
    sorryy/: i got it a long time ago. but yeah i do want more of those too(:


  2. oohh,also can you do a review on the DHC stuff?ive always wanted to try their stuff(:

  3. Great DHC haul! I just ordered the foundation too. Hope I get a gift certificate! *prays*

    "I was his birthday present (:" That is so sweet!

  4. nice DHC haul!! yeah their stuff is all really tiny lol but I think the product will last for awhile. I'm liking the cream foundation and their acerola gel, that's the only 2 products i've really tried so far! I'm not sure how long the foundation will last because I rarely use it, only on the days when I have bad skin :/

    Awwww such cute facts!! How short do you want to be? I use to like wearing glasses but I don't think I look good in them or I just haven't found a good one that matches me so I just stick to contacts!

  5. I love DHC, great haul. I recently went to their site to check for sales and discontinued stuff too. ^^ I hope you like the cream foundation, Amy and Eki really like it.

    You have really cool career goals. Aww you're so tiny, cute! I only wear glasses too. hehe Great tag answers. :)

  6. haha I thought the same thing when I first ever got the foundation few years back XP but trust me you only need pea size each time so that tube last me like 6+ months

    did you use it? what you think?


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