Wednesday, September 16, 2009

NOTD & packages :D

So, I decided to paint my nails yesterday to try out that beautiful color I brought back from Waikoloa. Nail art stickers courtesy Dana :D

Unforunately, the color on nails is NOTHING like in the bottle. Idk what's with the pics but in real life, the color is A LOT more dark purple and it dried to a MATTE finish! I am not a fan. It didn't say it would do that anywhere on the bottle so I expected it to be a shiny fluorescent bright fushia-y purple =( I guess that's what I get for buying cheap, unknown-brand polishes -___-;;

So I decided to paint over it with my new Rimmel polish... and the effect was A LOT better. It does dry really fast too! I like it now it's a shiny, iridescent silvery purple at different angles. The color in the pics is SO wrong! xD I wish it was that bright colored!

And FINALLY, my order came in, after like 1 month >:( Here's what I got:

  • Ecotools 5 piece brush set
    So excited for this!

  • Queen Helene Mint Julep maskIt's a clay mask, hopefully will help with my still newly oily skin =(

  • 2 EOS lipbalm (Summer fruit & Mint)
    Product overview: I didn't expect these to be so big! But they're still pretty cool =) They smell GREAT! And go on smoothly and moisturize well. It's long lasting and not sticky. The application reminds me of Eyeko's Fat balm since it's so big but it still is easy to use.

  • 2 pack Softlips strawberry lipbalmAlways wanted to try Softlips products.
ANDDD my package from Krystal came in ^____^ Thank you for the super fast shipping!! I bought her DS since I'm getting rid of the one I have . . . totally wanna decoden this one out :3 Hope you can get your DSi soon, girl! :D

Btw - Latest on Strapya . . . Rilakkuma / Relakkuma is like my FAVORITE thing right now =) so cute ! !

Hope everyone is having a great week! I'm so swamped with school and art projects x_X But I'm LOVING Illustrator CS4 so far . . . I have mastered the pen tool ! ! ! This took a good 4 hours maybe, first time I've ever used the pen tool besides practice. For Digital art class.

I've been meaning to post some of my artwork assignments, but they're all on giant paper so I haven't brought any home yet xD


  1. Love the haul. You said you ordered the drugstore products? Where at?

    How do you like the EOS? Mine are still coming in :\

  2. Chee - I got them from (: I like the EOS so far, the minty one gives a nice cooling feeling when applied. I just wonder how it'll end up after you keep using it though :P

  3. You'll love the EcoTools set!

    Did your download a trial of Illustrator CS4? Or did you purchase it?

  4. yay im glad you like the EOS! arent they the balm dig? haha and you go so many goodies!! i love the bear keychains, very cute!!

  5. I like what you did to dazzle up the nail polish, it should say it's matte on the bottle! XD My sister got my Island Girl polishes when she went to Hawaii but I haven't used them yet.

    Ohh great haul! took forever to get to you, sorry to hear that. Yay for Ecotools! I looove their blush brush, haha did a review which was positive for once lol. Nice DS Lite!

  6. wow didn't expect the nail polish to go on that matte either! it does really look like it would be shiny just by looking at the bottle, but you fixed it and made it nice and sparkly :)

    nice haul from, i love that site !! i shop there more than i shop at actual drugstores because they have better selection

  7. the nail polish looks pretty. hehe i like matte finishes. Is cs4 any different from cs2? the leaf looks nice, i need to perfect using the pen tool. I actually tried vexel a few times but did not finish alot of the work since it takes a lifetime to do.

    you should do a review on those brushes. i was tempted to buy them months ago but i was eye'ing the posh brushes. then gave up and left the store, because i couldnt decide.

  8. Hope to hear what you think of the clay mask soon!

  9. Rai - I AM loving it hehe :D I downloaded the trial but we use the program in class.

    C. - Balm diggity xD I know! I want those keychains so bad =)

    KC - Lol I wonder if all those polishes are like that? Maybe it was just that one :P I'm gonna go read your review hehe

    Amy - I know :( I wish it was all shiny. I agree about!

    MK - I'm not sure about the diff because I normally use Paint Shop not PS. But I don't think it would be that diff :P I wish I could do vectors!!! I'll review the brushes soon, they're great so far =)

    Maisee - Will review soon! Used it last night and it's pretty good!

  10. very girly color and pretty design :) love it!

  11. Nikki - Thanks ^__^ The color is so much darker in real life :(

  12. ur too talented! and the added rimmel topcoat makes the manicure soooo much better! love it :)

  13. OoOo I've been wanting to try out some matte polish. I'll have to check those out. And Softlips! I've been wanting to try those too. How are they?

    CS4...I have the CS4 Suite but I haven't had time to play around with any of the programs :(]

    The Back to School Bash was pretty good. I liked some of the smaller bands, but I got a little tired of listening to them after a little while...or maybe it was just because I was tired. lol. We can back in from Kohala that afternoon to catch the evening/night performances. I just really wanted to be there for Ekolu, so we went. Ekolu's my fave local band. haha :) Other than Ekolu, you didn't miss much from the night performances.

  14. Kiitzyy - Thanks :D I tried my best to make it look nicer hehe xD

    Mai - Loool go to Queen's marketplace they have like 125487502 different colors xD I hope they are not all matte though cus I wanted to buy more =( Aw and you should try the programs!! Hmm and I heard the other bands were kind of crap kind of glad I didn't go xD

  15. oh cute nails, love the color..
    i was about to buy that Ecotool set the other day
    hehe..they look so soft, you should do a review on those brushes..^_^

  16. I actually think I prefer the matte finish for this color, especially with the way you put the stickers on it. You got me wanting that color now!


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