Monday, June 8, 2009

Big Up's to Ulta (:

So, if you read my post about how my first experience with Ulta went, you'll know how disappointed I was. And now, I'm here to tell you how impressed I am! (: The Production Manager of Ulta's online store read my post and contacted me right away to apologize. Since the only thing I could do was send back my order, wait for credit, and order the same things again, that's exactly what I did.

However, Ulta kindly sent me a nicely packaged box stuffed full of lovely samples and some full-size products (probably from their 20 sample offer that I thought I couldn't get since it was only available to ship via ground... but I still got it :D). So I'd have to say that I am pleasently surprised and pleased with the high-quality of Ulta's customer service and dedication to customer satisfaction (:

On another note, my penguin friend came back to me (: Bought this for the hubby last xmas since the previous xmas season one I bought him was getting a little beat up. But he never used it (scared of getting it dirty, pffft). So I took it back hehe. (: Since we're (or I am, at least lol) huge penguin loving freaks, I couldn't resist dishing out 60 bucks each for these things ;A; So anyways,

What is/are your favorite animal(s)? Anything animal-related you just can't resist buying?

I'm a sucker for keychains and stuffed animals :P


  1. yayyy for ulta! sometimes it doesn't matter how they messed up but more so how they clean up their mess right? :) and cuteeeeee penguin!!! for me, animals that i find cutest (in stuffed animal form only, haha) would be piggies and monkeys :)

  2. thats a cute penguin! haha and wow ulta has really great customer service ! i have yet to order stuff from them!

  3. i love zebra PRINT. not the animal itself, they smell LOL. i've loved it for years and i hate how it's become such a TREND nowadays! >:[

    and wow, ulta is really good at customer service. :D

  4. That was really nice of them!

    I have a thing for polar bears.

  5. hello kitty! =P other than that... i love elephants!

    can't wait to see reviews on the goodies!

  6. Me too especially stuffed animals. & pretty much anything pink. LOL It may sound funny, but I love just about anything in my favorite color. My sister actually just bought me a Piglet stuffed animal from Disneyland today & when I asked why she bought it for me her reason was "because I knew pink was your favorite color" :)

  7. Hey that's great! OoOo yeah, love penguins, horses too. :)

    Mmm I like buying penguin stuff when I see them but I won't go out of my way to find/buy them :)


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