Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Long overdue cosmetic wipes reviews

First off, I'd just like to say thank you everyone who has given me congratulations on my graduation! :D It's so nice of all of you (: I've been able to sleep in super late and just enjoy my days free of school, ignorant people, and any form of work (for now).

Anyways, I figured it's about time to do my long overdue cosmetic wipes reviews... so here's the lineup I've tested lately:

Equate Facial Cleansing Towelletes

Pros: Inexpensive, thick/quilted texture, soft scent, hygenic packaging, effectively removes makeup, doesn't sting eyes.

Cons: the bottom towellets become very saturated with m/u remover over time.

What I thought about it: These makeup removing towelletes are one of the best and cheapest I've ever used. The quilted texture is soft and the towelletes are thick enough to effectively remove most makeup with minimal scrubbing. There is no heavy scent (but there is a scent). They come in a handy pop-top container and resealable packaging too. The only thing I'd have to say as for complaints is that over time, the towelletes at the bottom of the package become very saturated with the makeup remover, which is not a good feeling for your face :P

Epielle Cucumber Cleansing Tissues

Smells GREAT! Effectively removes makeup, inexpensive, doesn't sting eyes, thin, soft texture, cucumber, vitamin E, alo.

Cons: None!

What I thought about it: These are by far my current favorite makeup removing wipes. They smell delicious (not kidding!). If you've ever had Fruit Go candy... the melon flavor; that's exactly what these smell like! Mmmm (; Hehe. Despite being very thin, they effectively remove most makeup without stinging my eyes. And for only $1.99, these were a steal :D

Eyeko Face Off Wipes

Pros: effectively removes makeup, cute individual packages.

Cons: not that cheap, wipes become a bit dry after opening, alcohol scent.

What I thought about it: So, these definitely take the cake for cute, travel-friendly packages. However, for more than $8 for 20 (have to order online), I wouldn't go out of my way to buy more than the samples I received. They work pretty well at removing makeup, however, they do become a bit dry and work less well once exposed to the air for a few minutes. They also have this alcohol scent... like hand sanitizing wipes. They do contain Vitamin E and aloe though, so that's a plus. Overall, these aren't the greatest.

Clean & Clear Makeup Dissolving Facial Cleansing Wipes

Pros: effectively removes makeup, thick, soft texture.

Cons: leaves a slight oily residue, stings a bit, soft scent.

What I thought about it: I got a sample pack of these from Seventeen (took forever to come in). And I'd have to say that I'm not impressed. I have never been a fan of Clean and Clear's products, and this is no exception. It says it is Oil-Free but it left a distinct oily residue on my face and hands after I used the wipes. They do effectively work at removing makeup though (stung the area around my eyes a bit), but they do have some kind of soft scent that I can't really put my finger on if it's good or bad :/


  1. ooooo! i'd be interested to try the melon flavour just because it has a flavour! haha! ;P and enjoy the days of sleeping in! i miss those days!

  2. thanks for this, I haven't been using makeup wipes for my face but for my brushes! LOL I have the eyeko wipes..thanks for the review, at least I know what to expect :)

  3. Your penguins on your banner are adorable :)

  4. omg how weird- today I thought of doing a post on cosmetic wipes too! haha crazy beans!


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