Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Lip: gloss, stick, balm, you name it.

So incase I haven't mentioned it, I'm a big lip-product freak (mainly balm & gloss) even though I hardly wear anything on my lips, I have this OCD tendency to buy any and every lip product that catches my eye :S Anyone else like that? Lol.

I personally hate anything STICKY or tacky. I don't care how nice the color is or how good it smells, if it's sticky, it's a no-go. I don't buy anything with plumpers in it (my lips are full enough, hate it :( don't need any of that stuff lol). I like products with minimal, natural ingredients; but that offer buildable color, shine, and moisture.

I was curious on everyone elses views on lip products! So what's your take on lipgloss, lipstick, lipbalm, lip treatments, lip plumper, etc.?

What are your favorites? What makes a good/bad lip product in your opinion?


  1. Of all the makeup products, lip products are actually my least favorite. The ONLY reason why is because they don't last long. They're one of the fastest products that go rancid and I had a few that went rancid and it smeellls bad. Don't get me wrong though I do have more lipsticks and glosses than I would like to admit. lol I'm a collector what can I say.

  2. I love lipgloss, I don't need a lip plumper. lol
    I don't mind if it's sticky because it doesn't bother me.

    I love Victoria's Secret, L'OReal, NYX, and MAC, lipglosses.

  3. My all time favorite lip product is just plain simple ChapStick! LOl. It's like a must and I freak out when I forget my chapstick at home and I'm out. I like like at least half a dozen open sticks since I have one at least a couple of my purses and a few all over the house, haha. I think that you need moisturized lips before you can do anything else with them.
    And I dont' like stick stuff too much either, I'll deal with a little sticky, but I don't like when your hair gets stuck in your lipgloss >_< and it feels heavy. But I do use lip plumpers, idk why, since my lips are pretty fat already, but sometimes I just think they look flat and need some spicing up :)

  4. I feel the same way! I HATE sticky glosses and never wore it until recently. I went crazy and bought 4 MAC HK lipglosses (BIG MISTAKE cuz they're so sticky ... but how could I resist the cute packaging?). I HATTTTTE MAC lipglosses.... and you're right about lip plumpers, I dont need em either1

    My favorite = Korres' Full color gloss. It's so smooth and it moisturizes. Currently, I only have one color- which is light purple but it looks more pink.
    During the daytime, I'd use MAC HK pinkfish TLC then the Korres LG over it. At night, I use the Korres Guava lip butter when I goto sleep. It's perfect for keeping my lips nice and dry (since I have braces + 3 rubberbands when I'm sleeping at night)

  5. I'm obsessed with SoftLips! I HAVE to get every new flavor!! My favorite is Sugar Cookie (which comes out in December). I also like the mark Juice Gems and MAC lipglasses!

    I dont like anything TOO sticky, but I'm a sucker for glitter lol.

    And I dont buy lip plumpers, that sounds so scary for some reason lol.

  6. I am not into lip plumps and I don't like lip products that dry up my lips even more!

  7. I'm not too much of a lip product girl. :P I like the Aquafina original lip balms though. I like the minty, tingling sensation! :D

    Sure, I'll do some swatches, but it'll probably take me a while cuz I'm in the process of packing some stuff up and cleaning up/clearing out my room. I'll try to get that up when I can. :)

  8. oops, and yeah! I got a couple brushes. I looove the eye shadow brush! It's so soft and it doesn't seem to be shedding at all. :) I haven't tried their other brushes yet though. :S

  9. augh, yet again another "oops". lol It just crossed my mind that I forgot to tell you that Marie from loooooves the Studio Line ELF brushes. She swears by them! :) I'm hoping to go get some since Krystal told me about this code CAROLINA that's 50% off everything on ELF!

  10. Heeey, I've got an award for you... :)


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