Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Boo on Ulta & a giveaway

Thanks for everyone that commented on my last look! I can't wait to see all the contestants :D If you haven't thought up your look yet, I'd say just roll with anything lol. I didn't have any idea what to do so I just made something up as I went (;

Anyways, I just received my Ulta order in the mail today and I have to say how disappointed I was. The box was extremely banged up. I've never received a package in such condition -_-;; And secondly, a bottle of bath gel I got as a free sample apparently had a broken cap or something because it leaked green goo ALL OVER the rest of the items in my order. Plus, it smelled so perfumey and it was sticky and just horrible. I didn't even bother trying to salvage anything because it was just coated in the stuff. So I'll be returning this hopefully for an exchange of the same items... if they give me a hard time about that I'll be even more disappointed with them =_=+ UGHH.

Oh and only 2 more days until commencement! I am so excited hehe. I am mostly over my sick but I'm still coughing up a storm and it sucks. It makes it so hard to sleep :( Anywho, I would also like to post about Cherrielantern's first giveaway! You could win 2 of these cute little critters (: So check out her blog and her Crystalize Me blog for more details!


  1. Dear Guest,

    I am the ULTA.com Production Mgr. I apologize for the poor packing of your web order. I saw your complaint and would like to follow up with our Distribution Ctr. Please e mail me your ULTA.com order number and I will get back to you with a resolution.


    Rick Rotunno
    Website Production Manager
    ULTA Salon, Cosmetics & Fragrance, Inc.
    1135 Arbor Drive
    Romeoville, Illinois 60446
    Tel 630.410.4715

  2. i've never received a damaged package before either.. but of all the packages that could've been damage... yours was...with the green goo! =S on a happier note, you're graduating! congrats! :)

  3. that sucks! i've never ordered from ulta online, i am fortunate enough to have one near me. maybe call and complain and they might throw a free sample or two your way? LOL

  4. I hate recieving packages in bad condition! I hope you get your exchange!

  5. Omg yeah I know! I want one too!!! I wish all these cool beds weren't so pricey. :/

  6. Oh yeah, that sucks about the Ulta package! >:( I sure hope you get to exchange them, or at least get your money back.

  7. I personally dont like Ulta. I've never ordered online since the store is just 5 mins from my place, but their customer service sucks.

  8. Well that first comment you got on this post, looks a little bit promising! :) Smile on a good note

    & a ^___^ smile for graduating!


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