Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Edamame rice!

I've been eating lots of Nametake mushrooms & rice lately... soooo oishiiii~ hehe :3 If you haven't tried it, try it! It's good (: Figured I'd post the recipe of one of my favorite Japanese food bites since it's healthy AND yummy.

Edamame rice

4 cups rice, cooked and cooled
1 bottle ochazuke wakame furikake
1 bottle Shirakiku nametake mushrooms
1 package frozen, shelled edamame

Cook soybeans for 7 minutes in boiling water, then drain. Mix rice, furikake, mushrooms, and edamame in a large bowl. Easy! Eat up (:

And for those shy to try, here's some info on the health benefits that might change your mind (;

Here's what you'll find in a half-cup serving of shelled edamame (or 1 1/8 cup edamame in the pods):

120 calories
9 grams fiber
2.5 grams fat
1.5 grams polyunsaturated fat (0.3 grams plant omega-3 fatty acids)
0.5 gram monounsaturated fat
11 grams protein
13 grams carbohydrate
15 mg sodium
10% of the Daily Value for vitamin C
10% Daily Value for iron
8% Daily Value for vitamin A
4% Daily Value for calcium

As you can see, that little serving of edamame gives you a bunch of fiber: 9 grams, about the same amount you'll find in 4 slices of whole-wheat bread or 4 cups of steamed zucchini. It has almost as much protein as it does carbohydrate. It contains around 10% of the Daily Value for two key antioxidants; vitamins C and A. And for a plant food, it's quite high in iron; it has about as much as a 4-ounce roasted chicken breast.

source: http://www.medicinenet.com/script/main/art.asp?articlekey=56288


  1. MMM, thanks for the recipe. So healthy!

  2. looks yummy! i love endamame!!

  3. omg I love edamame! I eat it just as a snack sometimes... I gotta try this recipe out for sure, thanks for sharing!

  4. omg that looks soooo good!! gotta try that out! thanks!

  5. I'm not a rice eater but this looks yummy!

  6. OMG. I am IN LOVE with Edamame! But I hate rice LOL.

  7. okay what?!?!?! i didn't even know there was sucha thing! but it looks freakin' good! haha!

  8. Yum. Whenever I get hands on some namatake, I literally eat the whole bottle in 2 days. I can't control my portion size when it's in my presence. Plus I think they should make bigger bottles for it. Delish.


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