Saturday, June 27, 2009

NOTD + Avon review, etc.

So, my Avon haul came in a few days ago... I got a nailpolish, a lipgloss, and I was supposed to get a dual sided liner/shadow brush but it was not available :( Anyways, here's my take on their nail polish:

I got it in "Classic rose." It's a nice baby pink color.

It's very glossy, shiny, and subtly bold. I like Avon's polish because it goes on smoothly, dries pretty quickly (I have major probs with polish drying slowly and tacky) and doesn't get dull or chip easily. I'm planning on getting more of their polish soon! I wish I was pro at nail art like Nikki from Askmewhat's :( lol. She is Queen of nail art :D I can barely manage to paint my nails on my right hand using my left -_-;; I am NOT ambidextrous, apparently xD

I also got one of their Colortrend rollerball lipglosses in watermelon. All of this stuff was on sale so it was cheap :D It smells super sweet like candy and tastes good too (:

There is pretty much no color or sparkle and it goes on sheer and clear. It's not sticky at all (kind of hydrating actually) and doesn't dry out my lips. It gives off nice shine and lasts relatively long.

And that was all I really had to review for today. So I'll leave with some pics of Muffin...

...Do you remember me?
I'm a big kitten now. I'm FAT.

I'm also vicious and NOT cuddly at all unless I'm tired. Which I was in this picture but I don't look like it huh. Mommy has to hold me super tight so I don't claw her face. Which I've done two times already! :D

I like to bite mommy and daddy and everyone else. I still climb legs, chairs, screen doors, you name it. I'm a pro at climbing (and looking innocent while doing it). And now I'm tired. I'm also expert at sleeping. Which is what I'm going to do now. Bye!

Haha okay enough from fat cat. On another note, I've lost enough weight to finally perfectly fit that skirt I got from Oahu :D It was a bit too snug before. Thank you Wii fit! lol. I've dropped ~5 lbs. since I graduated ^_^ Excuse teh dirty mirror lol.


  1. The rollarball lipgloss looks kinda scary in the packaging but it looks amazing on your lips! OMG your kitty is so cute! He looks clueless like my cat, Peter. How old is your kitten?? Gosh, Peter just turned 2 and still acts like a baby- he whines for attention, cries when we pick him up, argggh he's a spoiled kid!

  2. My cat doesnt usually bite unless shes in a really playful mood. She does scratch. I have scars on my legs from her scratching me from under tables (when I didnt know she was there!). She also sleeps a lot, she just turned five lol.

  3. aww you neko is super KAWAII but sounds mean hehe I dont want neko's climb my legs >_<

    you look fab! love your hair color! :D

  4. *sigh* I need to start losing some weight too. clothes getting tight >.< YOu have an amazing figure! *wolf howls* and your kitty is so cute! *hugs*

  5. omg i have a cat who is almost 2 yrs old and he hates being held LOL he's such a brat, but cute so we keep him : P congrats on your weight loss..maybe i should get a wii fit!!


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