Sunday, July 19, 2009

Happy b-day & Avon nail polish review #2

EDIT: Oh yeah! Forgot to mention my giveaway is now over! Thank you to everyone who entered! I'll be picking the winner tonight... will announce tomorrow!

So today was my Mom's birthday (: we just had a simple steak dinner @ home. It was a nice relaxing day for everyone lol (pssst! It's also Honey Bunny's b-day today hehe :D). Anyways I decided to re-do my nails today with the new nail polish I ordered from Avon so I figure I'd do a little overview on both polishes. Sorry no pictures today!

Avon Nail Experts Pearl Shine Polish

I wanted to love this polish, I really did :( But I'm not impressed with it at all. It claims to "Leaves nails with a lustrous pearl finish... and a healthy buffed look. Helps strengthen with vitamins. Brushes on fast... dries instantly."

Well, it does dry pretty instantly. However, it did NOT leave my nails with a "Lustrous pearl finish," it was more of a dull, buffed look. I can't say this is completely bad, but it just wasn't what I'd expected. It's fine for a natural "clean" nails look. It looks so pretty in the bottle too :(

Avon Nail Experts Smooth Beginnings Base Coat

At least this was something I could be satisfied with. Even this base coat polish had waaayy more shine than the Pearl Shine polish :P It definitely smooth out nail ridges and prepped my nails for a smooth coat of polish. Dried quickly.

Here's what Avon had to say about it: Evens out ridges. Enriched with Okume oil to help nails look healthy, it's a great start to the perfect manicure. I'd have to agree here (:

Aaand! Today was our 1 year and 11 month anniversary (:

We didn't do anything special since my mom was queen today xD

Can't believe it's nearly been 2 years lol... funny to think back on those days when we met 4 years ago xD There's just that one person that you know will end up being special in your life from the moment you meet them. I've always thought people can't change and guys are all the same but he proved me wrong. It's been hella tough times but also those unforgettable moments... and I still wouldn't want to go through it with anyone else ♥


  1. aww..happy anni and happy birthday to your mom!

  2. awww happy birthday to your mom!!! i hope you guys had lots of good eats at the steakhouse! =)

    and happy anniversary!!! that's really great that you have found your half =) intimacy never comes easily and for some, they search their whole lives for that person. i'm extremely happy for you and i wish you both the very best and more memorable times together =)

  3. Omg, Happy Anniversary~! <3

    You my dear, MUST take another picture of that ring you've got here. THe picutre's too small for me too really see it X] haha

  4. Aww, that sucks that nail polish didn't work out for you.

    Happy 1 year 1 month anniversary. :) You two look so cute together. Did he buy you a ring?

  5. Happy Belated to your mom and congrats to you both! :D Those are cute pics!


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