Saturday, July 25, 2009

iQQU whaa? & Rants

I'm totally wired on like... 20 hours of House(!) I'm in a blunt kind of mood so bear with me lol xD

My iQQU order came in today... from Thailand O_o I had no idea it came from there... I mean I know this stuff is supposed to be the ish and all but should this make me feel funny it's not from USA? Or should this make me feel good? Lol.

Anyways, I haven't tried it yet but I'm hoping with all my might that this is NOT going to be one of those products that I'm going to regret buying later....

The packaging is simple and sleek,

But it's so SMALL!!! I mean I'm sure it'll last a long time and the site clearly stated 30ml of product... but I'm not exactly going to be sitting there invisioning the exact size a 30ml tube of product is going to be... :( I paid $36+ for this stuff ;A;

It barely fits in the palm of my hand
... Like I said though, I'm sure it's great and all, but I'm just the kind of person that doesn't like super small size products unless they're mini samples -_-;; Anyways, will try this out next week and see how it does... review coming soon!

UGH! Also, this is why I hate dealing with people on ebay:

I bought a rear emblem for my car but I neglected to think about the size and the one I got ended up being too big. I didn't open the package at all and it's in mint condition but they seller won't let me return it. I asked 3x already if I could just return it for a refund but I've been answered with "I'll give you a smaller one for 50% off" So I thought about that for awhile and forgot about it for a couple weeks and messaged them back today. I said it's okay, can I just return it and get a refund? I was met with "Shipping back to Israel is too expensive. I'll sell you another for 30% off." (in horribly broken english, mind you).

Now I'm kind of peeved and getting the picture that I'm not going to get my money back. Even if it wasn't a lot of $$, I could still use it. And this is why I dislike dealing with ebay -_-;; SO, if anyone needs a newer model civic emblem, let me know lol. I'll pretty much just GIVE it to you xD

HOWEVER, I will deal with sellers who have good ratings :P I just purchased Skin Food's Lime Secret Glow Pact #3 and Etude House's Color me nude lip concealer from sellers Whit reccommended.... hope these live up to their good reviews lol since I've been needing a new pressed powder and always wanted to try Etude House products.


  1. Ugh that's horrible. Some ebay sellers are just total dicks. It's like, don't even sell anything if you're not going to have at least some decent level of customer service.

    OoOo can't wait to hear how the iQQU is! (>_<) That is kind of a high price for such a small amount of product. :S

    OoOo green illuminations! That would be sweet! But considering my car's red, I think I'd just leave it on the red illum. UNLESS! For some reason I paint the civic the pearly white color I want THEN I'd looove a green illum. :D

    I got the CDA-105. It's pretty tight. ;) Can't wait to get it in. But there was a problem...(I'll probably blog about it. lol) so I'm gonna have to go out to Hilo tomorrow to sort it all out :S

  2. What is that IQQU stuff for? lol I never heard of it.

    People on Ebay can be such a PAIN!
    I had to step away from Ebay, I was like addicted... =/

  3. I really hope it works out for you hun :)

  4. Hey is this IQQU from the same line that Michelle Phan is promoting?

    I hear you on the bad ebay sellers! Last quarter I ordered a textbook that got lost (waited 4 weeks) and when I finally asked for a refund the seller refused to reply to me anymore. Luckily, I filed a claim with ebay and got a refund (it was like $70 dollars!). Recently, I ordered the Missha BB cream from a seller in Korea (the reviews were like 98/99% positive so I thought it was fine) but the package never arrived either and I'm assuming it's lost again. I ordered this on JUNE 18th!. The seller said that they would check the post office but never replied...argh...I am losing faith in ebay sellers >_<.
    I hope you can find the right sized emblem. The makeup goodies look promising!

  5. RiceBunny's IQQU. I was so skeptical about her product, still am. I remember her raving about her moisturizer on her YT channel saying you just use a "lil" bit of product for your face or something. But for it to come from Thailand instead of USA, that's VERY fishy. Seems like she got a good deal with the developers in Thailand to make it the product for low costs and to resell for like 100000000000x times more than she pays her people there. Lemme know how it works out for you...

  6. I've also been wanting to try out IQQU. Had no idea it came from Thailand either. The size does look surprisingly small, but hope it's as good as it claims to be! Looking forward for the review of this. :)

  7. That's why I am too afraid to buy stuff off of ebay. I'm a little worried about buying from individual people and don't want to deal with stupid sellers

  8. boooo to bad sellers! sorry to hear about your horrible ebay experience... .and how did buddy go from 50% off to 30%!?!?! hahaha! ;P

  9. I'm curious about the IQQU!

    I dont shop on Ebay, I always find it so sketchy.

  10. I've been quite intrigued with the IQQU products. it's cool to know that regular people can eventually come up with cosmetic lines after Internet fame


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