Monday, July 27, 2009

Photomanips & celeb bashing

One of Julie's recent posts on Demi Lovato spurred me to practice some photomanipulating again... I haven't done this in awhile! The last one I did was of Victoria Beckham... check out that skin... yuck!

I don't particularly care for Demi... I think she's pretty fugly :/ So here's my attempt to make her a bit more aesthetically pleasing...

What actors/actresses/singers/etc. can you NOT stand?

I don't like Miley Cyrus AT ALL. I think she's a horrible role model... Google her name and this is the first thing that comes up... tits, tits, WTF? A PICTURE WITH CLOTHES!!, tits, slutty gum swapping, and tits. Um, YEAH. Imagine little girl fans googling her name and this is what they discover -_-;;

I read her article in Seventeen (years ago, mind you) and she was bragging about her "big boobs and curves." If I recall correctly, her "big boobs and curves" have only been popping up as of late... and they're nothing as spectacular as Lindsay Lohan's magically appearing tatas.

And who can forget this?


  1. whoa, your blog was tripping out for a sec. anywho thank goodness for photoshop lol im not a fan of miley cyrus either. i hate her acting and singing. so annoying. hannah montanna? yuck. i hope my daughter doesnt fall in love with her.

    lol well erynn, on behalf of my friend. thank you for purchasing the lens. i cant wait for the lens lol

    how is the honey wing one that you bught? or did you get ash?

  2. @MK - I got the ash wing ones (review here: from They are alright, a bit more natural looking than the angel browns but the gray color doesn't show up well unless it catches the light a certain way :(

  3. LMAO! Air brushing/photoshoping are celebs best's friend!

    hahah @ that Miley Cyrus thing.
    Unfortunate that's what happens when your seen as $$$ for your parents.
    That 20 year old she was dating was from here. lol My boyfriend went to high school with him.

    I rarely read the articles sometimes.

    But what about Elle magazine. Talking about she's not a lil kid anymore. WTF! America ruins their kids, and it's sad.

  5. I am not a fan of Miley either. And that picture - I actually took a jokingly one with my friends a while back. Little did I know at the time Miley was sporting it too. Only I know she did it in a derogatory manner because she probably doesn't know that kid. Tsk.

  6. i agree with you soooo much on the miley cyrus thing i hate her guts with a pasion.

    im pretty ticked off with Linsday Lohan i dont hate her but like no one knows what the heck happened to her hahah like she was doing so well then all the sudden MEHH.

    really awesome job with the photoshop.

  7. i do not like miley cyrus :(

    when she speaks, she sound like an arrogant girl.

  8. WHOA vbeckhams skin really looks lke that?!?!?! the power of photoshop eh!??! hehe! and yes, miley cyrus... i can't stand that song.. what is it... about the mountain and climbing .. its on the radio at least 10 times a day! >:(

  9. I like the eyeshadow you did on Demi! eek.... Victoria's skin looks like a bad case of tanning side effect :x

  10. I'm so with you on disliking Miley Cyrus. Uggh that girl just gets on my nerves - seriously ; i would slap her if i could. LOL!

    Great PS skills - your photo mun. are flawless!

  11. Photoshop does wonders! I wonder if It will make me pretty :)

    But Victoria & Demi looked so scary in their before picture. I dont get the deal with Demi ... she's just an ordinary girl like Miley. Somehow Disney knows how to capitalize their company with ordinary girls. (Weird coming out of my mouth cuz I LOVE Disney...)

  12. Omg! You made them look soo much better! xD

    I never liked Miley Cyrus. D: She's such a bad role model to everyone out there. It was pretty sad when I was at a gift shop at Reno this one time, and a little girl wanted to buy Hannah Montana earrings and such.. -.-

  13. @ Rai - Hmm nvm lol I don't think it was YEARS ago but it was awhile ago xD I don't remember the exact one tho. Yah I saw her on Elle sporting her push up bra top xD I didn't even bother to read the article :P

    @ Rena - Lol xD That kid doesn't even seem to care :/

    @ 梅子 - I feel you on the Lindsay Lohan part... I thought she was a decent actress. And thanks!

    @ GirL with GLasses - Totally agree with you on that... she seems so full of herself!

    @ Kym - Gah! I hate that song! The bf plays it just to annoy me. He also turns the show on when I'm around -_-;;

    @ Connie - Thanks :D Yeah it looks gross. I heard she does not have any skin conditions though so the little dots part might just be a reflection off a sparkly dress or something :P

    @ Cheechun - I would wanna slap her too lol xD And thank you!

    @ Edna - NO WAY GIRL! You are already beautiful (: Lol at the Disney part xD

  14. wow..that's an..interesting picture of victoria haha.
    yah..what's up with miley...*puke*

  15. OMG, I cannot stand Miley at all! YUCK! *gag* She is so annoying, I just wish everyone else could realize how much she sucks and just stop playing her music & tv shows.

    && GOsh, you can really work wonders with photoshop. I should really learn how to use the program. I'd love to make myself look pretty! haha

  16. @ Miu Miu - I know! *gags*

    @ Dana - Nooo don't even go there girl!! You're too hot for Photoshop! (;


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